Health Resource Group Costs by Provider HRG Code and Location

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The dataset contains information of Healthcare Resource Group unit costs for acute hospital procedures, broken down by hospital site. This a merged dataset from years 2013 to 2016 for cost different hospital treatment criteria. Thirty-six (36) separate files were merged for this dataset.


The dataset contains information on the hospital cost for different Healthcare Resource Groups (HRG) codes on provider hospitals areas. HRGs are clinically meaningful groupings of patient activity, based on procedures and diagnoses, which consume similar resources. Reference Costs provide indicators of the unit costs of providing a range of hospital and community services at trust and hospital level, based on information derived from electronic hospital activity systems and HSC trust financial and information returns. The information is used to contribute to performance monitoring of the Health and Social Care (HSC) system, policy formulation and evaluation, and responding to Assembly Questions and other information requests. The quality of such unit costs is dependent on how completely, precisely and consistently underlying activity data is capable of being defined and recorded and how precisely costs are capable of being apportioned to activity.

This a merged dataset from year 2013-2016 for cost for daycase finished consultant episodes, daycase unit costs, daycase costs, elective costs, elective Finished consultant episodes, elective unit costs, non-elective short stay costs, non-elective short stay finished consultant episodes, non-elective short stay unit costs, non-elective long stay costs, non-elective long stay finished consultant episodes costs, non-elective long stay unit costs. Altnagelvin, Antrim, Banbridge, Belfast_City, Causeway, Craigavon, Daisy_Hill, Downe, Greenpark, Lagan_Valley, Mater, Mid_Ulster, Royal, South_Tyrone, South_West_Acute, Tyrone_County, Ulster, Whiteabbey. It also has the aggregated of total Northern Ireland.

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HRG NHS Healthcare Payments by Provider HRG Codes and Location 2013-2016, HRG Codes Healthcare Treatment Costs by Provider and Location 2013-2016

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Type_of_CostType of treatment costs; Daycase Finished Consultant Episodes, Daycase unit costs, Daycase costs, Elective costs, Elective Finished consultant episodes, Elective unit costs, Non-elective short stay costs, Non-elective short stay FCEs, Non-elective short stay unit costs, Non-elective long stay costs, Non-elective long stay FCEs costs, Non-elective long stay unit costsstring-
Health_Resource_GroupHRG codes or Healthcare Resource Groups are clinically meaningful groupings of patient activity, based on procedures and diagnoses, which consume similar resourcesstring-
Health_Resource_Group_LabelLabels for HRG codesstring-
AltnagelvinArea provider Hospital. Altnagelvin Area Hospital is the main hospital for the North West of Northern Ireland. It provides services to the city of Derry as well as County Londonderry, but also some specialist and acute services for parts of neighboring County Donegal, County Tyrone, County Antrim and County Fermanagh. It has 500 beds, employs over 2000 health care professionals, technical and support staff, and offers the most comprehensive medical services outside Belfast in Northern Ireland.integerlevel : Ratio
AntrimArea provider Hospital. Antrim Area Hospital is the largest hospital in the Northern Trust providing a range of services including a 24-hour Emergency Department.integerlevel : Ratio
BanbridgeArea provider Hospital. Banbridge Health and Care & Day Care Centre is a new development that will provide for the replacement of 3 existing Trust-owned facilities in Banbridge: Banbridge Health Centre, Scarva Street; Copperfields SEC for adults with a physical disability, which is temporarily decanted to Loughbrickland PS; and Banbridge SEC for adults with a learning disability, temporarily decanted to Ballydown School as an interim solution. The Health and Care & Day Care Centre will facilitate the concentration of health and social care services in high quality facilities that are attractive, comfortable and accessible to patients, visitors, staff and commissioners. It will provide the environment necessary to improve multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working on the one site.integerlevel : Ratio
Belfast_CityArea provider Hospital. The Belfast City Hospital Trust is a 900-bed modern university teaching hospital providing local acute services and key regional specialties, including renal medicine and transplantation and a comprehensive range of cancer services. The provision of high quality treatment and care continues to be our primary objective.integerlevel : Ratio
CausewayArea provider Hospital. Causeway Hospital is an acute hospital which offers a range of services including a 24-hour Emergency Department.integerlevel : Ratio
CraigavonArea provider Hospital. Craigavon Area Hospital (CAH) is a large teaching hospital in Portadown, Craigavon, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It serves an estimated 241,000 people from the boroughs/districts of Craigavon, Banbridge, Armagh and Dungannon–South Tyrone.integerlevel : Ratio
Daisy_HillArea provider Hospital. Daisy Hill Hospital is a local teaching hospital located in Newry, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. The hospital currently houses a neonatal unit, A&E department, out-patients department and a surgery suite. Attached to the hospital is on-site accommodation for nursing staff and an ambulance station.integerlevel : Ratio
DowneArea provider Hospital. The Downe Hospital is a local hospital with a type 2 Emergency Department, a Minor Injuries Unit operating. There is also a Midwifery Led Maternity Unit.integerlevel : Ratio
GreenparkArea provider Hospitalintegerlevel : Ratio
Lagan_ValleyArea provider Hospital. Lagan Valley Hospital is a local hospital with a type 2 Emergency Department. It provides inpatient medical services as well as outpatient, diagnostic and daycase services for the local population. It provides maternity services, and has a Midwifery Led Maternity Unit.integerlevel : Ratio
MaterArea provider Hospital. The Mater Infirmorum is an acute hospital providing services to North Belfast and the surrounding areas. A wide range of services are provided in the hospital including acute In-patient, A&E, Day Procedures, Mental Illness and Maternity services.integerlevel : Ratio
Mid_UlsterArea provider Hospital. Mid Ulster Hospital, on the outskirts of Magherafelt offers a range of services including a Minor Injuries Unitintegerlevel : Ratio
RoyalArea provider Hospital. Royal Jubilee Maternity Services (RJMS) is one of four linked hospitals that makes up Northern Ireland's biggest and best known hospitals complex. RJMS delivers over 5000 babies each year, providing maternity services to the population of Belfast.integerlevel : Ratio
South_TyroneArea provider Hospital. South Tyrone Hospital has a 45-bed Rehabilitation Unit and a 15 place Day Hospital for elderly patients. A Rapid Access Clinic provides care for older people referred by their GP who need to be seen within 24-72 hours but aren’t acutely ill and don’t need to be admitted to hospital. A full range of outpatient services, day surgery and radiology services are provided on the site including an Ambulatory Paediatric Service, ECG Department, Ophthalmology and Audiology Services. Children’s services provided by staff based at South Tyrone Hospital include Paediatric clinics and an Ambulatory Paediatrics Service.integerlevel : Ratio
South_West_AcuteArea provider Hospital. The South West Acute Hospital opened its doors to patients. Patients were transferred from the Erne Hospital as it closed its doors to all future admissions. The South West Acute Hospital has up to 210 inpatient beds and 22-day case beds. The hospital delivers a wide range of services.integerlevel : Ratio
Tyrone_CountyArea provider Hospital. Tyrone County Hospital is an enhanced local hospital which offers a range of services, including a 24-hour Urgent Care and Treatment Centre, cardiac assessment unit, renal unit, inpatient rehabilitation and palliative care services, day case theatres, X-Ray, laboratory and a comprehensive range of outpatient services.integerlevel : Ratio
UlsterArea provider Hospital. The Ulster Hospital is the major acute hospital for the Trust and delivers the full range of acute services for the population. This includes a type 1 Emergency Department, a comprehensive range of diagnostic services, the full range of outpatient, inpatient and daycase medical and surgical services, cancer care, coronary care, obstetrics and pediatric services. The regional Plastic and Maxillo-Facial services are mainly delivered from the Ulster site.integerlevel : Ratio
WhiteabbeyArea provider Hospital. Whiteabbey Hospital in Newtownabbey, provides a range of sub-acute hospital services.integerlevel : Ratio
Northern_IrelandAll area total cost of Netherland. There are a total of 6 Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts in Northern Ireland. 5 HSC Trusts provide integrated health and social care services across Northern Ireland: Belfast HSC Trust, South Eastern HSC Trust, Western HSC Trust, Southern HSC Trust and Northern HSC Trust. HSC Trusts manage and administer hospitals, health centers, residential homes, day centers and other health and social care facilities and they provide a wide range of health and social care services to the community. The sixth Trust is the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, which operates a single Northern Ireland wide service to people in need and aims to improve the health and well-being of the community through the delivery of high-quality ambulance services.integerlevel : Ratio
2013-2014Daycase costsWA08ZMalaria376376
2013-2014Elective costsWA08ZMalaria10351035
2013-2014Daycase unit costsWA08ZMalaria376376
2013-2014Daycase costsSA11ZThalassaemia958958
2013-2014Elective costsYR26ZVenography36723672
2015-2016Daycase costsDZ59ZAirflow Studies376376
2015-2016Daycase costsYQ40ZSympathectomy11631163
2015-2016Daycase costsYR26ZVenography56789376615
2015-2016Elective costsCA63ZTracheostomy69536953
2013-2014Elective unit costsWA08ZMalaria10351035