HHA Cost Report Data 2017

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The dataset, HHA Cost Report Data 2017 has information on the Home Health Agency (HHA) cost reports received by Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS). This dataset is one among the 4 files in Home Health Agency (HHA) cost reports, the HHA Cost Alphanumeric Data 2017, HHA Cost Numeric Data 2017, HHA Cost Report Data 2017 and HHA Cost Rollup Data 2017.


Home Health Agency Medicare Cost Report data files contain cost reports for the year 2017. Among the 4 files of The Home Health Agency (HHA) cost reports, the HHA Cost Alphanumeric Table 2017, HHA Cost Numeric Table 2017, HHA Cost Report Table 2017 and HHA Cost Rollup Table 2017, the ‘HHA Cost Report Table 2017’ is the parent of the other tables and contains the unique primary key field Report_Record_Number. The field Report_Record_Number is the foreign key in the other 3 tables. That is, all data in all tables are related by the value of the field Report_Record_Number. The data files contain the highest level of Medicare cost report status. If HCRIS has both an as submitted report and a final settled report from an HHA for a particular year, the data files will only contain the final settled report. If HCRIS has an as submitted, final settled, and reopened report from an HHA for a particular year, the data files will contain the reopened cost report. It is possible for 1 HHA Provider to submit 2 or more cost reports for a given year for the same cost report status. This may happen if a Provider changes its FY, or if there is a CHOW (Change of Ownership) during the year. To use the HHA cost report database, it necessary to determine the data interested in by reviewing the cost report forms and the data specifications. The Worksheet ID, line, and column specifications need to be known to pull the data from the cost report form. For example, to extract the data for “Home Health Agency-Number of Skilled Nursing Visits Title XVIII”, determine where this information is collected in the report and use these elements as parameters to pull the data from the HHA_RPT_NMRC table.

HCRIS Cost Report data is submitted to HCRIS by a Fiscal Intermediary on behalf of a provider. CMS stores the HCRIS cost report files in a relational database. It benefits the users with the ability to use Relational Database Technology to quickly exclude certain fields of data or perform a cross-sectional analysis.

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Medicare HHA Provider Cost Record 2017, Medicare Home Health Cost Report Data 2017, CMS Report Home Health Agency Medicare Cost Data 2017, Home Health Agency Medicare Cost Report Data 2017

Report_Record_NumberHCRIS assigned cost report specific numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Provider_Control_TypeType of ownershipstring-
StateState of the Providerstring-
Provider_RangeRange of Provider facility type of ownershipnumberlevel : Nominal
Provider_Range_DescriptionDescription for the Provider facility typestring-
National_Provider_IdentifierUnique health identifier for healthcare providersintegerlevel : Nominal
Report_StatusType of cost reportstring-
Fiscal_Year_Begin_DateCost Report Fiscal Year beginning datedate-
Fiscal_Year_End_DateReport Fiscal Year ending datedate-
Process_DateThe date the cost report was processed into HCRIS (PROC_DT)date-
Is_Initial_Report_Switchfalse= the first cost report not filed for this provider; true = the first cost report filed for this provider. (Not actively used.)boolean-
Is_Last_Report_Switchfalse= the last cost report not filed for this provider; true = the final cost report filed for this provider. (Not actively used.)boolean-
Transmittal_Or_Version_NumberThe current transmittal or version number in effect for each sub-system. Transmittal Number or transmittal version used to create the cost reportstring-
Fiscal_Intermediary_NumberFiscal Intermediary Number in effect at the time of cost report filingintegerlevel : Nominal
Automated_Desk_Review_VendorVendor for Fiscal Intermediarystring-
Fiscal_Intermediary_Create_DateDate the FI created the HCRIS filedate-
Notice_Of_Program_Reimbursement_DateDate Provider received NPRdate-
Special_IndicatorHCRIS code used for special purposesintegerlevel : Nominal
Fiscal_Intermediary_Receipt_DateDate cost report was received by Fiscal Intermediarydate-
350426Governmental,StateKansas0Settled without audit2016-10-012017-09-302018-02-20falsefalse1811001HFS2018-02-13Full2018-02-122018-02-06
350049Private,Non-profitMinnesota7089Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2017-01-012017-06-282018-01-18falsefalse186001HFS2018-01-09Full2018-01-02
350928Private,Non-profitWisconsin7178Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-22falsefalse186001HFS2018-03-21Full2018-03-05
350933Governmental,CountyMichigan7018Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-23falsefalse186001HFS2018-03-21Full2018-03-02
351168Proprietary,CorporationIowa7226Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-29falsefalse186001HFS2018-03-27Full2018-03-05
350615Proprietary,CorporationTexas7285Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-07falsefalse1811001HFS2018-02-28Full2018-02-22
350667Governmental,CityRhodeIsland7023Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-13falsefalse1814011HFS2018-03-09Full2018-02-27
350790Proprietary,CorporationNevada7032Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-17falsefalse186014HFS2018-03-15Full2018-03-01
350765VoluntaryNon-profit,OtherMaine7000Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-16falsefalse1814011HFS2018-03-07Full2018-02-28
350786Proprietary,CorporationMichigan7244Home Health AgenciesAs submitted2016-10-012017-09-302018-03-17falsefalse186001HFS2018-03-15Full2018-03-01