Hospital Bed Availability and Occupancy by Sector

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This dataset provides information on the total number of available and occupied bed days for facility wards open “overnight” and “day only” by NHS (National Health Service) Trust by Sector.


The KH03 is a quarterly collection from all NHS organizations that operate beds, open overnight or day only. It collects the total number of available bed days and the total number of occupied bed days by consultant main specialty. The new quarterly KH03 collects bed occupancy data, for levels of care other than critical care (excludes Clinical Care Intensity for General Patients code 11 for intensive therapy, including high dependency care), by consultant main specialty. It covers beds open overnight and day only, but not residential care beds.

Bed availability data is not required by consultant specialty on the return as some beds may be available for more than one specialty to use, depending on need. Instead, there is one available figure for each group where beds can be used flexibly. Bed availability is required for the sectors general and acute, mental illness, learning disabilities and maternity. The occupied bed days will be added to calculate occupancy rates for each of these sectors. It will be possible to analyze the data to show changes in how beds are utilized by each of the consultant specialties within the sectors. As bed availability data is only collected at the sector level, occupancy rates will only be available at the sector level.

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2017-06 to 2019-06

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Bed Occupancy Data, Bed Availability Data, Occupancy Rate, Health Beds, Types of Hospital Beds

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Day Bed Occupancy in England Hospitals, Overnight Bed Occupancy Rate Hospital, NHS Hospital Bed Occupancy Rate

Bed_TypeType of beds open "overnight" or "day only"stringrequired : 1
QuarterQuarter of the year in which the data was collected.stringrequired : 1
YearData collection Yeardaterequired : 1
PeriodData collection periodstringrequired : 1
Region_CodeRegion code of the NHS organizations that operate beds.string-
Organization_CodeNHS Organization unique codestring-
Organization_NameName of the NHS organizations that operate bedsstring-
Available_Beds_in_TotalTotal available bed daysintegerlevel : Ratio
Available_Beds_in_General_and_AcuteBeds available in general and acute sectorsintegerlevel : Ratio
Available_Beds_in_Learning_DisabilitiesBeds available in Learning Disabilitiesintegerlevel : Ratio
Available_Beds_in_MaternityBeds available in Maternityintegerlevel : Ratio
Available_Beds_in_Mental_IllnessBeds available in Mental Illnessintegerlevel : Ratio
Occupied_Beds_in_TotalBeds occupied in totalintegerlevel : Ratio
Occupied_Beds_in_General_and_AcuteBeds occupied in general and acute sectorsintegerlevel : Ratio
Occupied_Beds_in_Learning_DisabilitiesBeds available in learning disabilitiesintegerlevel : Ratio
Occupied_Beds_in_MaternityBeds available in maternityintegerlevel : Ratio
Occupied_Beds_in_Mental_IllnessBeds available in Mental Illnessintegerlevel : Ratio
Percent_Occupied_Beds_in_TotalPercentage of beds occupied in total (occupied beds in total / available beds in total x 100)numberlevel : Ratio
Percent_Occupied_Beds_in_General_AcutePercentage of beds occupied in general and acute sectorsnumberlevel : Ratio
Percent_Occupied_Beds_in_Learning_DisabilitiesPercentage of beds occupied in Learning Disabilitiesnumberlevel : Ratio
Percent_Occupied_Beds_in_MaternityPercentage of beds occupied in Maternitynumberlevel : Ratio
Percent_Occupied_Beds_in_Mental_IllnessPercentage of beds occupied in Mental Illnessnumberlevel : Ratio
Bed TypeQuarterYearPeriodRegion CodeOrganization CodeOrganization NameAvailable Beds in TotalAvailable Beds in General and AcuteAvailable Beds in Learning DisabilitiesAvailable Beds in MaternityAvailable Beds in Mental IllnessOccupied Beds in TotalOccupied Beds in General and AcuteOccupied Beds in Learning DisabilitiesOccupied Beds in MaternityOccupied Beds in Mental IllnessPercent Occupied Beds in TotalPercent Occupied Beds in General AcutePercent Occupied Beds in Learning DisabilitiesPercent Occupied Beds in MaternityPercent Occupied Beds in Mental Illness
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RAE BRADFORD TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS FOUNDATION TRUST70865157.034933910.01
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RBL WIRRAL UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST75872632.066063921.01.011.0
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RBN ST HELENS AND KNOWSLEY HOSPITAL SERVICES NHS TRUST71667937.067063931.01.011.0
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RBS ALDER HEY CHILDREN'S NHS FOUNDATION TRUST2342277.01841796.01.011.0
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RBT MID CHESHIRE HOSPITALS NHS FOUNDATION TRUST54852127.044041723.01.011.0
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RBV THE CHRISTIE NHS FOUNDATION TRUST1751751551551.01
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RCB YORK TEACHING HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST102598738.090787829.01.011.0
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RCD HARROGATE AND DISTRICT NHS FOUNDATION TRUST31628828.026625214.01.011.0
OvernightQ22017July to SeptemberY54 RCF AIREDALE NHS FOUNDATION TRUST37733740.030028416.01.01