• Day Bed Occupancy in England Hospitals
  • NHS Hospital Bed Occupancy Rate
  • Quarterly Hospital Activity Data
  • Sub-Saharan Public Hospitals Geo-Coded database


  • Bed Occupancy Data
  • Bed Availability Data
  • Types of Hospital Beds
  • Hospital Bed Occupancy
  • Used Hospital Beds
  • Clinical Commissioning Group Data
  • Hospital Data
  • Quarterly Activity Return Hospital Data
  • Health Facilities in Sub-Sahara

Health Facility Database Data Package

$1,879.50 $1,314 / YEAR

This data package contains hospital bed availability and occupancy data by consultant main specialty and sector as well as data on inpatient and outpatient related hospital activity in England. It also contains information on Sub-Saharan public hospitals.

Capacity Planning of hospital. The prediction of hospital bed availability in next 72 hours. Optimization of bed occupancy in a hospital. Enhancement of the operation process. Improved hospital efficiency in the health-care industry.
1. Hospital Bed Availability and Occupancy by Sector ($179)
2. Hospital Bed Occupancy by Consultant Main Specialty ($179)
3. Inpatient and Outpatient Related Hospital Activity Data ($447.5)
4. Maryland Mortality Statistics by Hospital ($179)
5. Maryland QBR Patient Safety Measures Data ($179)
6. New York Medicaid Children Hospitalization Quality by County ($179)
7. New York Medicaid Children Hospitalization Quality by Zip Code ($179)
8. Perinatal Care Early Elective Delivery Data ($179)
9. Sub-Saharan Public Hospitals Database ($179)