Hospital Medicare Cost Report Data

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The Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) contains annual reports submitted by Medicare-certified institutional providers to Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC). It provides information to CMS that assists with the annual settlement summary between CMS and the institutional provider. The cost report information includes facility level: utilization statistics, costs, charges, medicare payments, and financial information.


The entire set of HCRIS Cost Report data is submitted to HCRIS by Fiscal Intermediary(FI)/ Medicare Contractor (MAC) on behalf of a provider. All data can be accessed by the public with help of Relational Database Technology. All HCRIS subsystems have 3 common tables: RPT(report), ALPHA(alphanumeric) and NMRC(numeric). The RPT table is the parent of the other tables and contains the unique primary key field RPT_REC_NUM. The field RPT_REC_NUM is a foreign key in the other tables. That is, all data in all tables are related by the value of the field RPT_REC_NUM. HOSP2010 Data File(s) : HOSPYYYY_DATA.ZIP: Contains the compressed files with the raw data for each fiscal year YYYY with text(.csv) files to be loaded into the HOSP2010_RPT table, the HOSP2010_RPT_NMRC table, and the HOSP2010_RPT_ALPHNMRC table. All necessary information to read the report can be accessed from Hospital 2010-Documentation including readme text Zip file and Hosp2010 Report file.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) stores the Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) cost report files in a relational database. The foremost characteristic of this database is the fact that data elements will be distributed in flat files aligned with the database table in the CMS database.

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Other Titles

Medicare Provider Cost Record 2014-2017, Medicare Hospital Cost Report Data 2014-2017, CMS Hospital Medicare Cost Report 2014-2017, Hospital Utilization Statistics Costs Charges Report 2014-2017

YearYear of datadate-
Report_Record_NumberHCRIS assigned cost report specific numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Provider_Control_TypeType of ownership from Table 3A of Specificationsintegerlevel : Nominal
Provider_NumberValid Provider Number defined as follows: xxyyyy where xx = State Code and yyyy = Assigned Provider Rangeintegerlevel : Nominal
National_Provider_IdentifierUnique health identifier for healthcare providersintegerlevel : Nominal
Report_Status_CodeType of cost reportintegerlevel : Nominal
Fiscal_Year_Begin_DateCost Report Fiscal Year beginning datedate-
Fiscal_Year_End_DateReport Fiscal Year ending datedate-
Process_DateThe date the cost report was processed into HCRIS (PROC_DT)date-
Is_Initial_Report_Switchfalse= the first cost report not filed for this provider; true = the first cost report filed for this provider. (Not actively used.)boolean-
Is_Last_Report_Switchfalse= the last cost report not filed for this provider; true = the final cost report filed for this provider. (Not actively used.)boolean-
Transmittal_NumberThe current transmittal or version number in effect for each sub-system. Transmittal Number or transmittal version used to create the cost reportstring-
Fiscal_Intermediary_NumberFiscal Intermediary Number in effect at the time of cost report filingintegerlevel : Ratio
Automated_Desk_Review_VenderVendor for Fiscal Intermediaryintegerlevel : Ratio
Fiscal_Intermediary_Create_DateDate the FI created the HCRIS filedate-
Notice_Of_Program_Reimbursement_DateDate Provider received NPRdate-
Special_IndicatorHCRIS code used for special purposesintegerlevel : Nominal
Fiscal_Intermediary_Receipt_DateDate cost report was received by Fiscal Intermediary (FI_RCPT_DT)date-
YearReport Record NumberProvider Control TypeProvider NumberNational Provider IdentifierReport Status CodeFiscal Year Begin DateFiscal Year End DateProcess DateIs Initial Report SwitchIs Last Report SwitchTransmittal NumberFiscal Intermediary NumberAutomated Desk Review VenderFiscal Intermediary Create DateUtilization LevelNotice Of Program Reimbursement DateSpecial IndicatorFiscal Intermediary Receipt Date