Initial Diagnosis of Disease by Age

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This dataset contains data from the National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS), which collects information on patients discharged from hospitals in the US. The data contained is by first-listed diagnosis and age of patients.


The National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS) relates the clinical characteristics of the patients at discharge with age, sex, race, ethnicity, marital status, and expected sources of payment. This dataset relates the first diagnosed disease with the ages of the patients, it is calculated by measuring an estimate rate per 10,000, includes male and female patients.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016). National Center for Health Statistics. Retrieved 3 June, 2016.


Hospital Discharge Survey, US Discharge Information, US Inpatient Discharges, Admission Diagnosis, Clinical Characteristics of Patients, Diagnosed Diseases, Admission Survey, Hospital Discharge, Hospitalization by Age

Other Titles

First-Listed Diagnosis, First-Listed Diagnosis by Age, Hospital Survey, National Hospital Discharge Survey, Discharge from hospital

Name Description Type Constraints
DiagnosisGroups of diagnosis and specific diagnosisstring-
ICD_9_CM_CodeICD 9 CM Code for diagnosisstring-
All_Ages_NumberAge-adjusted measurement for all agesnumberlevel : Ratio
All_Ages_Standard_ErrorAll Ages Standard Errorintegerlevel : Ratio
Under_15_Years_NumberNumber Under 15 Yearsintegerlevel : Ratio
Under_15_Years_Standard_ErrorNumber Under 15 Standard Errorintegerlevel : Ratio
Age_15_44_NumbersNumber Under 15 to 44 Yearsintegerlevel : Ratio
Age_15_44_Standard_ErrorNumber Under 15 to 44 Standard Errorintegerlevel : Ratio
Age_45_64_NumbersNumber Under 45 to 64 Yearsintegerlevel : Ratio
Age_45_64_Standard_ErrorNumber Under 45 to 64 Standard Errorintegerlevel : Ratio
Age_65_And_Over_NumbersNumber Under 65 Yearsintegerlevel : Ratio
Age_65_And_Over_Standard_ErrorNumber Under 65 Standard Errorintegerlevel : Ratio
Asthma 4934396690171181410313
Septicemia 0388089765112122952464
Poisonings 960-98926031128178912305
Anemias 280-2853924619511217801118024
Volume depletion 276.52884434653814922
Cholelithiasis 57433439111161021311916
Neoplasms 140-2391599183251306437767382
Psychoses 290-29915432747421434957420941
Chronic bronchitis 491614791332032939852
Appendicitis 540-54327540521513922599254