• Childhood Cancer Survival
  • Organ Donation Registry
  • Electronic Health Records Products


  • Childhood Cancer Disease Registry
  • Medicare EHR Incentive Program
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Organ Procurement
  • Childhood Cancer Statistics
  • Survival from Childhood Cancer

Health and Disease Registries Data Package

$1,342.50 $938 / YEAR

This data package contains the information for health and disease registries which includes childhood cancer, organs and tissue donor and survival from childhood cancer.

The database is used by donation professionals to determine a person donation status at the time of their death.
1. Childhood Cancer Registry ($179)
2. Electronic Health Records Products 2013 to 2018 ($447.5)
3. Initial Diagnosis of Disease by Age ($179)
4. Medical Marijuana Statistics by County ($179)
5. Organs and Tissue Donor Registry ($179)
6. Survival from Childhood Cancer Registry ($179)