Liquor Authority List of Active Permits

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This dataset contains a list of all active permits issued by the State Liquor Authority (SLA). Permits in this dataset are issued for 1-3 year terms. This dataset does not include the temporary or single event.


The State Liquor Authority (SLA) regulates the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. The SLA maintains offices in New York City, Albany (which serves as the agency headquarters), and Buffalo. The SLA’s Licensing Bureau is responsible for the statewide processing of licenses, license renewals, permits and brand label registrations. All must be consistent with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

Data Collection Methodology: Base information corresponds to that provided, by applicants, on various permit applications. Processing time is contingent upon review within the Licensing Bureau.

Statistical and Analytical Issues: Information is entered into the agency’s workflow system as permits are received. Correlations could be made for different variables as a user of the data assesses the information.

Limitations of Data Use: The data is straight forward and indicates the facts associated with each permit request.

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New York


John Snow Labs; New York State Liquor Authority, NYC Open Data;

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Alcohol Permits, Liquor Authority, List of all Active Permits in NY, Alcoholic Beverages Regulation, Alcoholic Beverages Manufacture, NY Processing of Licenses, NY License Renewals, NY Permits and Brand Label Registrations

Other Titles

Liquor Authority Quarterly List of Active Permits, Quarterly List of Active Permits Issued by Liquor Authority

Serial_NumberUnique Serial Number for the permitteeintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Agency_Zone_Office_NameAgency Office responsible for the administration of the permitstring-
Agency_Zone_Office_NumberZone office number corresponds to local office. That is: 1=NYC; 2 = Albany; 3 = Buffalointegerlevel : Nominal
CountyCounty where permit will residestring-
Type_Code2 character alpha code of permit typestringrequired : 1
Class_Code2 digit numeric code of permit typeintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Permit_Class_DescriptionLong description of permit typestringrequired : 1
Premises_NamePermit premises namestringrequired : 1
Business_NamePermit business namestring-
Actual_Address_of_PremisesPremises physical addressstringrequired : 1
Additional_Address_InformationLocation specific information not included in Address1 fieldstring-
CityPremises citystringrequired : 1
State_AbbreviationPremises statestring-
Zip_CodePremises Zip Codestringrequired : 1
Certificate_NumberUnique identifier on the permit certificateintegerlevel : Nominal
Original_Issue_DatePermit’s first date of issuancedate-
Effective_DateCurrent Effective date of permitdate-
Expiration_DateCurrent Expiration Date of permitdate-
538927TG643Trucking PermitMTI INC580 Division StElizabethNJ720120032019-12-31
66TG643Trucking PermitAmy Edwards11 Perry DrEwingNJ862817102017-01-052019-12-31
289TG643Trucking PermitJoseph Yi21 Yates LnJerichoNY1175314182016-05-252019-12-31
47TG643Trucking PermitCurt Harris82 E 3rd StBayonneNJ700242942017-01-042019-12-31
246TG643Trucking PermitDavid P Crahan9 OxbowOswegoNY1312641152017-01-132019-12-31
363TG643Trucking PermitDAVID R HAUTZIG479 Maple DrCanaanNY120292015-07-102019-12-31
543406TG643Trucking PermitSEA TRANSFER CORP328 Tiffany StBronxNY1047467062019-12-31
175TG643Trucking PermitThomas Baffer6 Hobbs CtPomonaNY1097026402017-01-112019-12-31
341TG643Trucking PermitTaehyn Jung1479 John StFort LeeNJ702425632015-07-062019-12-31
296TG643Trucking PermitSharon Sauer324 Hall AveSolvayNY1320916462016-05-312019-12-31