Liver Disease Hospital Admission By Deprivation Level And England Area

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This dataset contains estimated age-specific standardized hospitalization rates due to liver disease, by type of disease, England regions, counties and unitary authorities, and the level of multiple deprivations. Data about rates level compared to England and region-level, are also available in the dataset.


The dataset source, Public Health England, is an executive agency of the Department of Health & Social Care, part of England Government.

Liver disease is one of the top causes of death in England and people are dying from it at younger ages. Most liver disease is preventable and much is influenced by alcohol consumption and obesity prevalence, which are both amenable to public health interventions.

The hospital admissions on which are based the estimated rates include those for liver diseases recorded with ICD-10 codes B15-B19, C22, I81, I85, K70-K77, T86.4. Regular attendees have been excluded. Admissions have been included and counted according to the financial year in which the admission episode ended, and are presented by Local Authority of residence, aggregated into quinary age groups (0-4, 5-9,…, 80-84, 85+). A patient may be admitted more than once and admissions of patients with no fixed abode are have been included in the England totals.

The numerator data, based on the Hospital Episode Statistics from NHS Digital, for each quinary age group, have been divided by the denominator population data for each age group (based on the 2011 Census population from the Office for National Statistics) respectively to give age-specific admission rates for the area. These age-specific rates have been multiplied by the standard population for each age group respectively and aggregated across all the age groups to give the age-adjusted count of admissions for the area. This age-adjusted count of admissions has been divided by the total standard population for the whole age range included in the indicator, and multiplied by 100,000 to give the age standardized admission rate for the area. The standard population used to calculate age-specific standardized hospitalization rate is the 2013 European standard population. Local Authorities with between 1 and 5 admissions have been suppressed.

The confidence intervals are calculated using the Dobson & Byar’s method. Dobson & Byar’s method is used to calculate confidence intervals for directly standardized rates. A confidence interval is calculated for the observed total count of events using Byar’s method, which gives very accurate approximate confidence intervals for counts, based on the assumption of a Poisson distribution and is sufficiently accurate for counts as low as 5 (below 5, an exact method should be used, based on Poisson tables or the Chi-squared distribution). This interval is then weighted and scaled to give the interval for the standardized rate using the method described by Dobson.

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Public Health England Data, Age-Standardized Hospitalizations, Liver Disease Hospitalization, Liver Disease Admissions, Hospital Admission Statistics, Alcoholic Liver Disease, End Stage Hepatitis B, End Stage Hepatitis C, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Fatty Liver Disease

Other Titles

Liver Diseases Standardized Hospitalization Rates In England, England Standardized Hospitalization Rates For Liver Diseases, Liver Diseases Hospitalization Rates By Deprivation And Location In England

Data_VersionThe financial year for which the hospital admissions rate has been calculateddate-
Indicator_Original_IDThe liver disease hospital admissions indicator ID used by Public Health Englandintegerlevel : Nominal
Liver_Disease_Hospital_Admissions_IndicatorThe hospitalization indicator indicates the type of liver disease diagnosedstring-
England_Upper_Tier_AreaIncludes England and England regions, where the lower tier area is locatedstring-
Upper_Tier_Area_CodeIncludes the codes of England and England regionsstring-
England_Lower_Tier_AreaSpecifies name of the area for which the rate was calculatedstring-
Lower_Tier_Area_CodeSpecifies the code of the area for which was the rate calculatedstring-
Lower_Tier_Area_TypeSpecifies the type of the area for which was the rate calculatedstring-
GenderSpecifies the gender of the population group for which was the rate calculatedstring-
Index_Of_Multiple_Deprivation_VersionIndicates whether the year of IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation) version, based on which the deprivation level was calculated, is 2010 or 2015date-
Multiple_Deprivation_Area_LevelSpecifies if the multiple deprivation decile is based on the values calculated for counties and Unitary Authority (UA) or for districts and Unitary Authority (UA)string-
Multiple_Deprivation_DecileOne of the ten deciles for which was the rate calculatedstringlevel : Ratio
Measurement_Starting_YearIndicates when the collection of the data used to calculate the rate has starteddate-
Measurement_Ending_YearIndicates when the collection of the data used to calculate the rate has endeddate-
Hospital_Admissions_Standardized_RateThe calculated value of the age-specific standardized rate, using the direct standardization methodnumberlevel : Ratio
Rate_Confidence_Interval_LowThe calculated lower limit of the confidence interval for the hospital admissions rate, using the Dobson & Byar’s methodnumberlevel : Ratio
Rate_Confidence_Interval_HighThe calculated upper limit of the confidence interval for the hospital admissions rate, using the Dobson & Byar’s methodnumberlevel : Ratio
Hospital_AdmissionsThe calculated number of hospital admissions (based on the standard population and the observed age-specific hospitalization rates) for the type of liver disease diagnosed, among the population group of all ages, defined by gender, location, deprivation decile and by the data version yearintegerlevel : Ratio
Population_GroupThe number of individuals in the population group, defined by gender, location, deprivation decile and by the data version yearintegerlevel : Interval
Note_For_Indicator_ValueNote provided for the calculated ratestring-
Compared_To_England_ValueSpecifies if the corresponding hospitalization rate is worse, better or similar to England hospital admissions ratestringenum : Array
Compared_To_Region_ValueSpecifies if the corresponding hospitalization rate is worse, better or similar to the parent England region hospital admissions ratestringenum : Array
Is_Data_NewIndicates if the corresponding data are recently added in the datasetboolean-
201090892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryFemale2010201180.6679.5481.782030226765208false
201190892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryFemale2011201285.8184.6786.962179426974007false
201290892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryFemale2012201385.3684.2386.502190727160281false
201390892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryFemale2013201487.7186.5788.862281527331848false
201490892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryFemale2014201590.9889.8292.142392427543422false
201590892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryFemale2015201697.2996.1198.492588727757041false
201690892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryMale20162017164.36162.77165.964138527300920true
201090892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryMale20102011138.21136.70139.733279925877244false
201190892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryMale20112012143.70142.17145.243434526133162false
201290892Hospital admission rate due to liver diseaseEnglandE92000001CountryMale20122013143.23141.72144.763463826333448false