Medicare Beneficiary Short Stay Hospital Charges and Discharges

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The dataset gives information on the Discharges, Total Days of Care, Total Charges, and Program Payments for Medicare Beneficiaries Discharged from Short-Stay Hospitals, by Type of Entitlement for the Calendar Years 1972-2011. Here the type of entitlement is for Aged Beneficiaries.


Medicare beneficiaries short-stay hospital inpatient services provide a means of comparing changes during the study period in the number of discharges, average length of stay and number of health insurance enrollees. The 1983 amendments to the Social Security Act (Public Law 98-21) provided for a prospective payment system (PPS), effective October 1, 1983, for most short-stay hospitals certified to provide inpatient services to Medicare beneficiaries. Diagnosis-Related Groups code (DRG code) is assigned to short-stay hospital discharge record in the Medicare prospective payment to the hospital. Shifts in the distribution of the discharges and the average length of stay among the DRGs since 1983 reflect the adaptation of hospitals to the incentives embedded in PPS and the ongoing refinements in the methods of assigning DRGs to discharges from short-stay hospitals. Utilization trends and patterns in Medicare short-stay hospital inpatient services have shown substantial changes since the implementation of PPS. Coinciding with the introduction of PPS, the number of short-stay hospital discharges declined for the first time in the history of the Medicare program. There was an 11.3 percent decline in the number of annual discharges from 1983 (11.55 million) to 1988 (10.26 million). Interpretation of the shifts is based on a consideration of the significant refinements in the medical coding system, the technological and scientific advances in the practice of medicine, the effect of shifting patient treatment to alternative sites, policy or legislative changes affecting Medicare coverage, and the annual recalibration of the DRG weights.

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Medicare Aged Beneficiaries Inpatient Discharge Charges 1972-2011, Medicare Aged Beneficiaries Average Length Of Stay And Cost 1972-2011, Medicare Aged Beneficiaries Program Payments Short Stay Hospitals 1972-2011

Type_Of_BeneficiaryBeneficiary category; All or Aged or Disabledstring-
YearYear of datadate-
Number_Of_Discharges_In_1000Number of dischargesintegerlevel : Ratio
Rate_Of_Discharges_Per_1000_EnrolleesRate of discharge per 1000 health insurance enrolleesnumberlevel : Ratio
Total_Days_Of_Care_Number_In_1000Total days of hospital stayintegerlevel : Ratio
Total_Days_Of_Care_Rate_Per_1000_EnrolleesRate of days of hospital stay per 1000 enrolleesnumberlevel : Ratio
Total_Days_Of_Care_Per_DischargeRate of days of hospital stay per dischargenumberlevel : Ratio
Total_Charges_Amount_In_MillionsTotal charge of short stay of hospitalizationnumberlevel : Ratio
Total_Charges_Per_DischargeTotal charge of short stay of hospitalization per discharge of the yearnumberlevel : Ratio
Program_Payments_Amount_In_MillionsMedicare program payment amountnumberlevel : Ratio
Program_Payments_Per_DischargeMedicare program payment amount per dischargenumberlevel : Ratio
Program_Payments_Per_EnrolleeMedicare program payment amount per enrolleenumberlevel : Ratio
Program_Payments_Per_DayMedicare program payment amount per daynumberlevel : Ratio
Program_Payments_Percent_Of_Total_ChargesMedicare program payment amount as percent of total chargesnumberlevel : Ratio
Program_Payments_Percent_Of_Total_Medicare_PaymentsMedicare program payment amount as percent of total Medicare paymentsnumberlevel : Ratio
Aged beneficiaries1974703332080880367711.59614136772091025328897570.3
All beneficiaries1972638030277198365612.17401116055768742647275.369.5
All beneficiaries1973698430081529349911.78494121664469232777975.969.7
All beneficiaries197684653349348036931115951188211803139446612674.167
All beneficiaries19778808338968253711111915721701394415835341447368.1
Disabled beneficiaries19745963096643344611.1857143862810543269573.364
Aged beneficiaries1972638030277198365612.17401116055768742647275.369.5
Aged beneficiaries1973675131378987366211.78227121962459252907975.969.1
Aged beneficiaries1973675131378987366211.78227121962459252907975.969.1
Aged beneficiaries1973675131378987366211.78227121962459252907975.969.1