Nativity Zip Code Tabulation Area Geographic Data

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This dataset identifies nativity by zip code tabulation areas within the United States. This dataset resulted from the American Community Survey (ACS) conducted from 2010 through 2014. The data set shows nativity at place of birth, native versus foreign-born. JSL enriched this dataset with Latitude and Longitude information and with the map information about the land and water area of zip code tabulation areas.


The ACS 5-year estimates data is an official survey of the US Census Bureau Decennial Census Program and supplements the 10-year census data. It is a nationwide survey designed to provide reliable and timely demographic, social, economic, and housing data over the specified time period.

The ACS produces the information by contacting over 3.5 million households across the country to participate in the survey. By focusing on quality geographic coverage, the ACS produces a good picture of the community’s people and housing by surveying a representative sample of the population. The ACS produces period estimates which describe the average characteristics of an area over the specified time period.

The ACS provides vital information on a 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year basis. The 5-year estimates reflect a 60-month period and are designed to provide the most up-to-date, accurate, reliable, and the largest sample size available. The primary advantage of using multi-year estimates is the increased statistical reliability of the data for less populated and small population subgroups.

Multiyear estimates are used when the precision of the estimates is more important than the currency of the data; when analyzing data for smaller geographies; when examining change over non-overlapping time periods; and, for smoothing data trends over time. Local area variations may occur due to rapidly occurring changes and multiyear estimates are sensitive to such changes. Multiyear estimates cannot be used to say what is going on in any particular year in the period, only what the average value is over the full period. ACS estimates are published with the margins of error at the 90 percent confidence level.

The ACS estimates represent concepts that are fundamentally different from those associated with sample data from the decennial census. It is designed to provide estimates that describe the average characteristics of an area over a period-of-time as opposed to point-in-time estimates such as the decennial census, which approximate the characteristics of an area on a specific date.

The ACS is a source of statistics at the local level giving even the smallest communities accurate and timely information that is essential for decision-making. The ACS estimates better reflect the growth of the population as well as the changing socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the American people.

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2010-01-01 to 2014-12-31

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United States


John Snow Labs; United States Census Bureau;

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Zip Code by Nativity, Zip Code Map by Nativity, US Zip Code by Nativity, USA Nativity Postal Code, Foreign-Born Census Tract, US Native Residents, Foreign Born US Residents

Other Titles

Native Foreign Born Zip Code Tabulation Area, Nativity Zip Code Tabulation Area Map, Native Foreign Born Zip Code Tabulation Area Map

Geographic_IDUnique 14-digit codes used to represent specific geographic areas. The code identifies the summary level of data, the geographic component of the data and Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) codes. Maintained by the US Census Bureau and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).stringunique : 1 required : 1
FIPS_CodeUnique 5-digit Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) codes used to identify geographic features. Maintained by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).stringunique : 1 required : 1
Geographic_Display_LabelThe geographic name for each area presented. ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) are generalized areal representations of United States Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code service areas.stringunique : 1 required : 1
Latitude2010 Census current latitude of the internal point of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in decimal degrees (WGS 84)number-
Longitude2010 Census current longitude of the internal point of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in decimal degrees (WGS 84)number-
Land_Area2010 Census land area of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in square metersintegerlevel : Ratio
Water_Area2010 Census water area of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in square metersintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_TotalEstimate Total of populationintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_TotalMargin of Error Total for populationintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_NativeEstimate Total Native populationintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Total_NativeMargin of Error Total Native populationintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Foreign_BornEstimate Total of Foreign-Born populationintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Total_Foreign_BornMargin of Error Total Foreign-Born populationintegerlevel : Ratio
Geographic IDFIPS CodeGeographic Display LabelLatitudeLongitudeLand AreaWater AreaEstimate TotalMargin Of Error TotalEstimate Total NativeMargin Of Error Total NativeEstimate Total Foreign BornMargin Of Error Total Foreign Born
8600000US010011001ZCTA5 0100142.062368-72.62575429635482222976417141644154956861646524
8600000US010021002ZCTA5 0100242.364061-72.45873900000001142559990427657629844867248228855022495
8600000US010031003ZCTA5 0100342.389941-72.5241081842385127881106283898548161208228
8600000US010051005ZCTA5 0100542.418848-72.106597999999991145869016670435113252500126611297
8600000US010071007ZCTA5 0100742.27901-72.4004681363460006943850147742814211226563222
8600000US010081008ZCTA5 0100842.190144000000004-72.954351393314645086093121213811621315030
8600000US010091009ZCTA5 0100942.211969-72.341433206500223546193546193012
8600000US010101010ZCTA5 0101042.128176-72.2053528998281514202553667143571779676
8600000US010111011ZCTA5 0101142.300282-72.96871681884738342413147816814461693221
8600000US010121012ZCTA5 0101242.375425-72.858192339777565450704998249982012