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New Driver TLC License Application Status

This dataset displays the status of TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) driver applications for drivers who applied for new TLC driver’s licenses.

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The easiest way to start the TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) licensing process is to visit an Uber office. An Uber Expert will help in the submission of a TLC application and take the next steps. TLC cannot give a driver’s license until a driver has submitted all requirements and they have been reviewed and approved. If a driver applied for a new TLC Driver License then he must attend a 24 hour TLC course at an authorized school. Drivers must complete the course and pass the required exam within 90 days after filing of the application.

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New York City, United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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Drivers License, New Driver Application, Driver Application Status, TLC Driver License, Licensing Process, How to Get TLC License, TLC, Taxi and Limousine Commission, Drivers License Renewal, Driving License Check, Driving License Status

Other Titles

Taxi and Limousine Commission Licensing Process, New Driver Training Course

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Application_NumberThis is the number linked to an application. Once an application has been approved this will become license number.integerlevel : Nominal
Application_TypeThis is the classification of license applied for. HDR: Medallion /For-Hire Vehicle Operator. PDR: Paratransit Vehicle Operator. VDR: Commuter Van Vehicle Operatorstring-
Application_DateApplication Submitted Datedate-
Application_StatusThe stage of the review process that application is currently in: “Incomplete”: Application is missing requirements. Courtesy reminders are sent by mail/email/text. “Pending Fitness Interview”: Application has been forwarded to the Fitness Review Unit for a Fitness Interview. See the next column for interview date if available. “Denied”: Application has been denied. “Under Review”: Application is still being processed. “Approved – License Issued”: Application has been approved and your license will be mailed to the address provided on your application.string-
Fitness_Review_Unit_Interview_ScheduledFRU (Fitness Review Unit): If there is a date, a Fitness Interview has been scheduled.string-
Drug_TestDrug testing is required for Medallion and FHV TLC driver’s licenses. "Needed": Driver must take and pass a drug test at an approved testing facility.“Complete”: Driver drug test information has been received and updated in your TLC record.string-
Wheelchair_Accessible_Vehicle_CourseWheelchair Accessible Vehicle Training (WAV) is a requirement for those who apply for a Medallion or For-Hire Vehicle driver’s license. “Needed”: Driver must take the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Training Course within 90 days from the date you submitted your application.“Complete”: Driver WAV training information has been received and updated in TLC record.string-
Defensive_DrivingA NYS certified 6 hour Defensive Driving Course is a requirement to receive TLC license.string-
Driver_ExamUpon Completion of TLC Driver Training (Taxi School), driver will need to take and pass a final exam.string-
Medical_Clearance_FormA Medical Clearance form from a licensed medical doctor is a requirement for those who apply for a Medallion or a For-Hire Vehicle driver’s licensestring-
Other_RequirementsThis field is for miscellaneous items that may need more sensitive information.string-

Data Preview

Application NumberApplication TypeApplication DateApplication StatusFitness Review Unit Interview ScheduledDrug TestWheelchair Accessible Vehicle CourseDefensive DrivingDriver ExamMedical Clearance FormOther Requirements
5968261HDR2021-02-04IncompleteNot ApplicableCompleteNeededCompleteNeededNeededFingerprints needed; Copy of DMV license needed
5964773HDR2020-08-24IncompleteNot ApplicableNeededCompleteNeededNeededNeededFingerprints needed; Copy of DMV license needed
5971308HDR2021-04-27IncompleteNot ApplicableCompleteCompleteNeededNeededNeededFingerprints needed; Copy of DMV license needed
5970198HDR2021-04-03IncompleteNot ApplicableNeededNeededCompleteNeededNeededFingerprints needed; Copy of DMV license needed
5962184HDR2020-03-06IncompleteNot ApplicableCompleteCompleteCompleteNeededNeededCopy of DMV license needed
5957768HDR2020-01-05IncompleteNot ApplicableNeededCompleteNeededNeededNeededCopy of DMV license needed
5967224HDR2020-12-17IncompleteNot ApplicableNeededNeededNeededNeededNeededFingerprints needed; Copy of DMV license needed
5960401HDR2020-02-11IncompleteNot ApplicableNeededCompleteCompleteNeededNeededFingerprints needed
5970171HDR2021-04-03IncompleteNot ApplicableNeededCompleteCompleteNeededNeededFingerprints needed; Copy of DMV license needed
5969778HDR2021-03-25Approved - License IssuedNot ApplicableCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteNot Applicable