New York City Age Adjusted And Crude Mortality Rates By Cause Of Death

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This dataset contains estimates of mortality rates due to the major causes of death among the population of New York City, starting 2007. The estimated data for crude and age-adjusted mortality rates due the major causes of death are described by gender and race/ethnicity of the population groups.


The source of data is represented by which is managed and hosted by the U.S. General Services Administration,¬†Technology Transformation Service and publishes open U.S. Government data, in this case data provided by New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

Mortality data (death data) are derived from death certificates, which contain demographic information such as the decedent’s sex, race and residence as well as information about the cause of death. Patients often have multiple conditions contributing to death. Documenting the conditions on the death certificate requires basic training. As a part of the ongoing effort to improve cause of death documentation and reporting, New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) has developed several resources and training materials for medical facilities. Briefly described, the recommended steps for an accurate cause of death reporting by DOHMH are the following:

– the cause of death should reflect physicians medical opinion as based on the medical record
– document the complete chain of events that best explains why this patient died
– document other conditions that contributed to death in a specific and complete manner

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United States, New York City


John Snow Labs; Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH);

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New York City Mortality, New York City Deaths, Age Adjusted Mortality, Leading Causes Of Death, Causes Of Death ICD Code, Mortality by Gender, Race Ethnicity

Other Titles

New York City Age Adjusted Mortality By Demographic Characteristics, New York City Deaths By Leading Causes And Demographic Characteristics

YearThe year to which the estimated level of mortality for a specific demographic group correspondsdate-
GenderThe gender of the population groupstringenum : Array
Race_EthnicityThe race/ethnicity of the population groupstringenum : Array
Cause_Of_DeathThe leading cause of death for the population groupstringrequired : 1
Cause_of_Death_ICD_10_CodeThe ICD-10 code for the leading cause of deathstring-
Number_Of_DeathsThe number of deaths among the population group due to the leading cause of deathintegerlevel : Ratio
Crude_Mortality_RateThe crude mortality rate for the population groupnumberlevel : Ratio
Age_Adjusted_Mortality_RateEstimated number of individuals belonging to demographic group with the specified characteristic at population levelnumberlevel : Ratio
YearGenderRace EthnicityCause Of DeathCause of Death ICD 10 CodeNumber Of DeathsCrude Mortality RateAge Adjusted Mortality Rate
2014MaleHispanicDiseases of HeartI00-I09, I11, I13, I20-I511281107.3170.5
2014MaleHispanicMalignant Neoplasms CancerC00-C97114696.0143.5
2014MaleHispanicInfluenza Flu and PneumoniaJ09-J1819916.726.6
2014MaleHispanicMental and Behavioral Disorders due to Accidental Poisoning and Other Psychoactive Substance UseF11-F16, F18-F19, X40-X42, X4419116.016.6
2014MaleHispanicDiabetes MellitusE10-E1418615.623.2
2014MaleHispanicAccidents Except Drug PoisoningV01-X39, X43, X45-X59, Y85-Y8617614.716.9
2014MaleHispanicCerebrovascular Disease StrokeI60-I6916513.820.4
2014MaleHispanicChronic Liver Disease and CirrhosisK70, K7316413.716.7
2014MaleHispanicChronic Lower Respiratory DiseasesJ40-J4714512.119.3
2014MaleHispanicHuman Immunodeficiency Virus Disease HIVB20-B24927.78.7