NJ GUDPA Funds Certificate List

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This dataset shows the information on the quarterly NJ (New Jersey) funds certificate list enrolled in GUDPA (Governmental Unit Deposit Protection Act).

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The Governmental Unit Deposit Protection Act (GUDPA) is a supplemental insurance program set forth by the New Jersey Legislature to protect the deposits of municipalities and local government agencies. The program is administered by the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

GUDPA protects deposits of counties, municipalities and local school districts. In addition, it covers deposits of public bodies formed by one or more counties or municipalities, or any board, commission, or agency of a county or municipality having custody of public funds. For example, public funds of a county college and a municipal public library would be protected.

GUDPA does not apply to funds of the State or State agencies. Further, it does not apply to private non-profit corporations, even those which perform public services.

Currently, the first $250,000 of governmental deposits in each insured depository are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance (FDIC) or the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) in most situations. Public funds in excess of the FDIC or NCUSIF insured amounts are protected by GUDPA.

Protected public funds include those which are beneficially owned by the governmental unit and collected by it for its use or the use of the public. Typically, these funds are raised through taxation or the sale of public assets. GUDPA should not be relied on to protect intermingled trust funds, bail funds, withholdings from an employee’s salary or funds which may pass to the local government upon the happening of a future condition.

Local government units are required by law to deposit their funds in a depository which is protecting such funds pursuant to GUDPA. State and federally chartered banks, savings banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions having their offices in New Jersey must be certified by the Department of Banking and Insurance for participation in the GUDPA system. Anyone will be able to print a copy of an eligible depository’s certificate from the Department’s website. A governmental unit which is unsure whether a depository is certified to receive its funds may contact the Department or use the above link.

Each depository participating in the GUDPA system must pledge collateral equal to at least 5% of the average amount of its public deposits and 100% of the average amount of its public funds in excess of the lesser of 75% of its capital funds or $200 million. The minimum 5% pledge applies to institutions that are categorized as “well capitalized” by Federal banking standards. The percentage of the required pledge will increase for institutions that are less than “well capitalized.”

No collateral is required for amounts covered by FDIC or NCUSIF insurance. The collateral which may be pledged to support these deposits includes obligations of the State and federal governments, insured securities and other collateral approved by the Department. When the capital position of the depository deteriorates or the depository takes an unusually large amount of public deposits, the Department of Banking and Insurance requires additional collateral to be pledged.

If a governmental depository fails and the FDIC or NCUSIF does not ensure or pay out the full amount of public deposits, the collateral pledged to protect these funds would first be liquidated and paid out. If this amount is insufficient, other institutions holding public funds would be assessed pro rata up to 4% of their uninsured public funds. Although these protections do not constitute a 100% guarantee of the safety of all funds, no governmental unit under GUDPA has ever lost protected deposits.

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NJ Deposit Protection Act, Governmental Unit Deposit Protection Act, Banks and Credit Unions Participate in GUDPA

Valuation_DateDate of the entity's valuation on reported items.date-
Institution_TypeThe type of the financial institutionstring-
Entity_NameName of the financial entitystring-
Average_Balance_of_NJ_FundsThe total average balance of NJ public funds on deposit at this entity during the three (3) month period. Value is in thousands (000).number-
Funds_Covered_by_InsuranceNJ Funds covered by this entity's insurance. Value is in thousands (000).number-
Balance_Less_InsuranceAverage NJ public funds on deposit in EXCESS of insurance accounts. Value is in thousands (000).number-
Required_CollateralAmount of Collateral the entity is required by NJDOBI to pledge in order to qualify for an NJ GUDPA certificate. Value is in thousands (000).number-
Collateral_PledgedTotal Collateral Pledged by the Entity to cover funds in excess of insurance coverage. Value is in thousands (000)number-
Certificate_TypeType of certificate granted by NJDOBI (Regular or Limitied)string-
Valuation DateInstitution TypeEntity NameAverage Balance of NJ FundsFunds Covered by InsuranceBalance Less InsuranceRequired CollateralCollateral PledgedCertificate Type
2017-12-31BANK1st Bank of Sea Isle City40859.02813.038046.020189.027784.0REGULAR
2017-12-31CREDIT UNION1st Bergen Federal Credit UnionLIMITED
2017-12-31BANK1st Colonial Community Bank203472.011826.0191646.0153560.0170989.0REGULAR
2017-12-31BANK1st Constitution Bank171713.07583.0164130.080281.063481.0REGULAR
2017-12-31CREDIT UNIONABCO Federal Credit Union9072.02500.06572.0329.02114.0REGULAR
2017-12-31CREDIT UNIONAdvanced Financial Federal Credit UnionREGULAR
2017-12-31CREDIT UNIONAffinity Federal Credit Union34.034.0REGULAR
2017-12-31BANKAmboy Bank436336.023931.0412405.0215434.0229267.0REGULAR
2017-12-31BANKAtlantic Stewardship Bank29909.01655.028254.01413.01779.0REGULAR
2017-12-31BANKAudubon Savings Bank9970.01487.08483.0424.03273.0REGULAR
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