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NJ Traffic Counts Data

This dataset shows the traffic counts data by NJDOT (New Jersey Department of Transportation) for State of New Jersey.

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New Jersey’s public roads are described and classified in a variety of ways that enable public agencies to keep them safe and maintained. The traffic using these roadways is also categorized for the same purposes.

NJDOT maintains a traffic monitoring program consisting of continuous and short-term elements. The traffic counting program is designed to utilize, at a minimum, 48-hour short-term counts to produce estimates of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). Traffic Counts are taken in all type of public roads statewide at the following locations:
– 6,000 Short-Term (48-hour) Count sites
– 90 permanent Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) system sites and
– 95 Traffic Volume System (TVS) sites
To compute AADT, the data collected during the short duration counts “48-hour periods” must be adjusted to annual conditions. These adjustments include: axle correction (for counts made with single axle sensors); day-of-week (for counts taken for less than one week); seasonal (to account for changes in volume that occur from one time of year to another); time-of-day (for counts taken for less than 24 hours).

– Region 1: Traffic in urban Northeastern New Jersey- New York area that serve major industries, warehousing, trucking, logistics and through-truck movements.
– Region 2: Traffic in rural Northwestern section of New Jersey – Pennsylvania – New York area that serve local truck traffic, agricultural, retail and manufacturing with winter season recreational activities and various camping sites during summer.
– Region 3: Traffic in Central and Southern New Jersey that serve pharmaceutical companies, retail, warehousing, agricultural and through-truck movements.
– Region 4: Traffic serving the NJ shore, recreational and beach activities including fishing, boating and Atlantic City casinos. This region experiences high traffic during summer time and on summer weekends only.

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State of New Jersey


John Snow Labs; New Jersey Department of Transportation;

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Traffic Segment, Traffic Data, New Jersey Public Roads, NJ Roads, NJ Traffic Violation, NJ Traffic, NJ Traffic Counts, NJ Transportation, Traffic Counts

Other Titles

NJ Department of Transportation, Traffic Monitoring System

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Station_NumberTraffic count station IDstring-
Standard_Route_IdentifierRoute identifier numberstring-
Mile_MarkerMile Counter Markernumberlevel : Ratio
LatitudeLatitude location of the traffic datanumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the traffic datanumber-
County_CodeCounty Code used by NJDOT (NJ Department of Transportation)integerlevel : Nominal
Municipal_CodeMunicipality Code used by NJDOT (NJ Department of Transportation)integerlevel : Nominal
CountyCounty Name in New Jerseystring-
MunicipalityMunicipalities in New Jerseystring-
Annual_Average_Daily_TrafficAnnual Average Daily Traffic – number of vehicles within 24 hours both directionintegerlevel : Ratio
Annual_Average_Daily_Traffic_North_EastAnnual Average Daily Traffic North/East (See Direction Field)integerlevel : Ratio
Annual_Average_Daily_Traffic_South_WestAnnual Average Daily Traffic South/West (See Direction Field)integerlevel : Ratio
YearYear of Traffic data collecteddate-
Station_TypeType of the station. Continuous – 365 days per year 48 hours – data collected for only 48 hours Classification – data collected for 13 vehicle classes at this location.string-
DirectionDirection of the Traffic datastring-

Data Preview

Station NumberStandard Route IdentifierMile MarkerLatitudeLongitudeCounty CodeMunicipal CodeCountyMunicipalityAnnual Average Daily TrafficAnnual Average Daily Traffic North EastAnnual Average Daily Traffic South WestYearStation TypeDirection
9050400000557__3.039.235964-74.8210215516Cape MayWoodbine Boro2545128512602016-01-01Volume 48hrsNorth/South
9060800000555__4.0839.323174-75.080576604CumberlandDowne Twp8864334532016-01-01Volume 48hrsNorth/South
9080300000042__0.8639.69932396-75.002747018811GloucesterMonroe Twp2454011494130462015-01-01Volume 48hrsNorth/South
9080600000047__56.9439.62363604-75.082409078805GloucesterFranklin Twp7137353636012015-01-01Volume 48hrsNorth/South
9080900000077__20.7639.70974363-75.207754500000018808GloucesterHarrison Twp6921358133402015-01-01Volume 48hrsNorth/South
9133600000527A_0.5940.239082-74.378136131326MonmouthManalapan Twp6079306130182016-01-01Volume 48hrsNorth/South
15ms4a00000347__6.039.26735477-74.937593136609CumberlandMaurice River Twp8439435740822018-01-01majorNorth/South
5-4-42100000528__10.2540.074211-74.55823326BurlingtonNorth Hanover Twp3942197519672017-01-017 days countEast/West
8-4-21400000322__42.9139.501201-74.756869999999991112AtlanticHamilton Twp15370772176492017-01-017 days countEast/West
8-8-31901000662__4.3639.370754999999996-74.56271118AtlanticNorthfield City5493251329802017-01-017 days countEast/West