Pavement Quality Index

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In this dataset, the Tempe’s roadways are an important means of transportation for residents, the workforce, students, and visitors. Tempe measures the quality and condition of its roadways using a Pavement Quality Index (PQI). This measure, rated from a low of 0 to a high of 100, is used by the City to plan for maintenance and repairs and to allocate resources in the most efficient way possible.

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This measure is created using pavement quality data maintained in the Road Matrix Pavement Management Program. About every three years, the City surveys pavement, such as the smoothness of roadways and any signs of distress in the pavement surface. This data is then used to calculate the PQI (Pavement Quality Index), which determines roadway maintenance prioritization schedules as well as the most optimal road treatment options (such as placing a filler material in the cracks and treating the entire pavement surface, milling and replacing the top layer of the asphalt pavement, reconstructing the street section).

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Quality Index, Pavement Index, Pavement Quality, Pavement Management, Pavement Surface, Pavement Quality Index (PQI)

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Pavement Quality Data, Pavement Management Program

Pavement_SectionSection code for Pavement Quality Indexintegerlevel : Nominal
Residents_Street_AddressResidents Street Addressstring-
Students_Street_AddressStudents Street Addressstring-
Visitors_Street_AddressVisitors Street Addressstring-
Road_LengthLength of Roadintegerlevel : Ratio
Road_WidthWidth of Roadnumberlevel : Ratio
Road_AreaTotal Area of Roadintegerlevel : Ratio
Lane_CountRoad Lane Countintegerlevel : Ratio
Road_ClassClass of Road (Alley, Arterial, Collector, Local, Local-Industrial)string-
Pavement_TypeRoad Pavement Type (Flexible, Gravel, Pcc)string-
Measured_PQITotal Measured Pavement Quality Indexnumberlevel : Ratio
Measure_DateMeasure Datedate-
PQI_DatePavement Quality Index Datedate-
Current_PQICurrent Pavement Quality Indexnumberlevel : Ratio
50030S MILL AVEND15TH ST3721555801LocalGravel1996-01-01
50070PARKWAY BLOAKLEY PLCOLLEGE AV5031575451LocalGravel1996-01-01
50050PARKWAY BLS MILL AVGRANDVIEW DR5521582801LocalGravel1996-01-01
50060PARKWAY BLGRANDVIEW DROAKLEY PL4201563001LocalGravel1996-01-01
538606TH STMILL AVEND39957227432LocalPcc74.71996-01-012017-02-0177.1
11730DAWN DRENDASH AV3183095402LocalFlexible52.11996-01-012015-04-1748
11710MYRNA LNENDASH AV3183095402LocalFlexible401996-01-012015-04-1735.8
27590RICE DRENDMILL AV2873086102LocalFlexible381996-01-012015-04-1033.7
50080PARKWAY BLCOLLEGE AVMCALLISTER AV131915197851LocalGravel1996-01-01
534206TH STEND7TH ST3192786132LocalFlexible61.81996-01-012017-02-0665.3
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