LBB Environmental Enforcement Penalty Notices

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This dataset contains details of all environmental enforcement Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) that have been issued in the LBB (London Borough of Barnet) since July 2016.

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Fixed penalty notices (FPNs) can be issued to deal with environmental offenses like:

– Littering
– Fly-tipping
– Dog control offenses
– Graffiti
– Fly-posting
– Nuisance parking (people selling or repairing cars on the road)
– Abandoned vehicles
– Leafleting without permission on land where leafleting is restricted (‘designated land’)
– Failing to nominate a key holder or give the council key holder details in an alarm notification area
– Failing to provide a waste carrier licence (for businesses transporting their own waste)
– Failing to provide a waste transfer note when moving non-hazardous waste
– Household bins causing or likely to cause a nuisance to the local amenity

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are authorized to issue FPNs for littering and dog control offenses. Some police forces also authorize their PCSOs to issue FPNs for fly-posting and graffiti.

When to issue fixed penalty notices:

FPN can be issued only when all of the following are applied:

– An offenses has been committed
– An FPN is a proportionate response
– There’s evidence to support prosecution if the offender doesn’t pay the fixed penalty
– The offender understands why the FPN is being issued
– You believe that the name and address offered by the offender are correct

When not to issue a fixed penalty notice:

FPN is not issued if any of the following are applied:

– There’s no criminal liability
– Enforcement action is inappropriate or would be disproportionate for the offenses
– Prosecution is more suitable
– Littering is done accidentally

FPN is not issued in the following cases:

– The person in question is exempt, e.g,. a blind person whose dog has fouled in an area where a dog control order applies
– The offender is a child under the age of 10 (inform the child’s parents instead)
– Enforcement action is inappropriate or disproportionate
– The offender is vulnerable
– The offenses is trivial
– Prosecution is more suitable
– The offenses is major, eg deliberate smashing of glass or racist graffiti
– The offenses is committed by a persistent offender
– The offender is violent or aggressive

FPNs are issued on the spot, if possible. If not it can also be issued by post if necessary.

Getting the offender’s details:

Police assistance are used in the following cases:

– The offender refuses to give you their details
– The suspect the offender has given you false details
– A police community support officer (PCSO) can detain the offender for up to 30 minutes before a police constable arrives.

The offender can be fined an additional amount on top of the FPN, if they refuse to give details, or provide false details.

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Littering – General Waste, Licenced Waste Carrier

Date_of_FPNDate when Fixed Penalty Notices was madedate-
OffenseDescription of the offensestring-
GenderGender of the Offenderstring-
Offender_Age_RangeAge range of the offenderstring-
Offender_Ethnicity_CodeOffender ethnicity codestring-
Offender_Ethnicity_DescriptionOffender ethnicity descriptionstring-
Is_FPN_PaidThe Fixed Penalty Notices was paid or not (True=Yes, False=No)boolean-
FPN_Amount_PaidAmount paid due to offensenumber-
FPN_FineAmount charged due to offensenumber-
AreaArea in which offense was donestring-
Date of FPNOffenseGenderOffender Age RangeOffender Ethnicity CodeOffender Ethnicity DescriptionIs FPN PaidFPN Amount PaidFPN FineArea
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteFemale26-35IC1 White EuropeanTrue50.050Edgware
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteMale46-59IC1 White EuropeanTrue50.050Edgware
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteFemale18-25IC1 White EuropeanTrue50.050Edgware
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteMale46-59IC4 Indian/Pakistani AsianTrue50.050Edgware
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteMale46-59IC5 OrientalTrue50.050Hendon
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteMale26-35IC1 White EuropeanFalse80Edgware
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteFemale46-59IC1 White EuropeanTrue80.080Edgware
2017-03-01Littering - General WasteMale18-25IC6 Arab/North AfricanTrue50.050Hendon
2017-04-01Littering - General WasteFemale36-45IC1 White EuropeanTrue50.050Hendon
2017-04-01Littering - General WasteFemale26-35IC1 White EuropeanTrue50.050Finchley