Premature Birth Rate by California County

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This dataset contains the count and ratio of all the preterm and very preterm births in the State of California for the period of three years categorized according to the World Health Organization definitions for preterm and very preterm birth.


This dataset contains the percent of preterm and very preterm live births by maternal county of residence. Preterm births are all lives births less than 37 weeks of gestation. Very preterm births are all live births between the 28 and the 32 weeks of gestation. Important growth and development occur throughout pregnancy, especially in the final months and weeks. There is a higher risk of serious disability or death the earlier a baby is born.

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California, United States


John Snow Labs; California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal;

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Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program, California Department of Public Health. 2015. Preterm and Very Preterm Births by RaceEthnicity 2010-2013.


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Other Titles

Premature Baby Frequency by County in California, Preterm Birth Frequency by County in California, Preemies in California by County

CountyCalifornia County where birth occurredstring-
YearYear when the births took placedate-
Birth_TypeType of birth (preterm birth or very preterm birth)string-
Total_Live_BirthsTotal live births in the countyintegerlevel : Ratio
Premature_BirthsNumber of preterm or very preterm births in the countyintegerlevel : Ratio
PercentPercent of the live births that were preterm or very preterm birthsnumberlevel : Ratio
CI_Lower95% Confidence interval lower limit for percentnumberlevel : Ratio
CI_Upper95% Confidence interval upper limit for percentnumberlevel : Ratio
Alpine2010Preterm Births4
Alpine2011Preterm Births6
Modoc2011Preterm Births87
Mono2011Preterm Births154
Alpine2012Preterm Births8
Modoc2012Preterm Births75
Mono2012Preterm Births131
Alpine2013Preterm Births5
Modoc2013Preterm Births63
Modoc2010Preterm Births119