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This dataset contains the list of NYC (New York City) Properties under DOB (Department of Buildings) jurisdiction.

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The Buildings Information System (BISWeb) is the Department of Buildings (DOB) main database that provides real-time data to anyone with internet access.

This dataset was put into production to support DOB’s functions, and provides users with information regarding:

– Property Profile Overview with information on loft law

– Special districts and other restrictions

– Application Processing (application submission, review, and C of O issuance)

– Accounting Inspections information for Certificate of Occupancy and plumbing inspections, including daily service authorizations for Keyspan and Con Edison

– Complaint Tracking Violation

– Tracking Periodic Safety Reports Equipment Tracking (fire safety, elevators, boilers, and more)

– Trade Licensing and Contractor Tracking

– Search and Navigation Capabilities such as licensed trades search, ability to view all filings in a community board, all permits for a property, and all addresses on one tax lot.

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Ney York City


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Other Titles

Property Date NYC, NYC Properties Under DOB Jurisdiction

BINPermit required to place a bulk waste bin or shipping container on a road or on Council land.integerlevel : Nominal
Application_Job_NumberA unique Number assigned to Permit Applicationintegerlevel : Nominal
Application_Document_NumberDocument Number assigned to Permit Aplicationintegerlevel : Nominal
Application_Job_TypeJob Type of Permit (A1: Major alterations that will change use, egress or occupancy - A2: Multiple types of work, not affecting use, egress or occupancy - A3: One type of minor work, not affecting use, egress or occupancy - NB: New Building - DM: Demolition & Removal)string-
TypeType of Permit (PL: Plumbing - EW: Equipment Work - EQ: Construction Equipmentstring-
Status_DescriptionStatus Descriptionstring-
Sequence_NumberSequence Number of Permitintegerlevel : Ordinal
Status_DatePermit Application Status Datedatetime-
Issuance_DateIssue date of Permit Applicationdatetime-
Expiration_DateExpiry Date of Permit Applicationdatetime-
BINApplication Job NumberApplication Document NumberApplication Job TypeTypeStatus DescriptionSequence NumberStatus DateIssuance DateExpiration Date
10836871027901062A2PLPERMIT ISSUED82011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10836901033382011A2PLPERMIT ISSUED72011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10828701027859602A2PLPERMIT ISSUED72011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10836821029018522A2PLPERMIT ISSUED92011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10828621033453371A2PLPERMIT ISSUED72011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10052831038788952A2PLPERMIT ISSUED32011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10828691028138222A2PLPERMIT ISSUED72011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10828501027806892A2PLPERMIT ISSUED92011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10828601027951832A2PLPERMIT ISSUED82011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
10836921029018702A2PLPERMIT ISSUED82011-04-12T00:00:002011-04-12T00:00:002012-04-11T00:00:00
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