Purchasing Power Parity Conversion Factor For GDP

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This dataset consists of information on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) conversion factor, which is the number of units of a country’s currency required to buy the same amounts of goods and services in the domestic market as U.S. dollar would buy in the United States. This conversion factor is for GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

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In a market-based economy, household, producer, and government choices about resource allocation are influenced by relative prices, including the real exchange rate, real wages, real interest rates, and other prices in the economy. Relative prices also largely reflect these agents’ choices. Thus relative prices convey vital information about the interaction of economic agents in an economy and with the rest of the world. For most economies PPP figures are extrapolated from the 2011 International Comparison Program (ICP) benchmark estimates or imputed using a statistical model based on the 2011 ICP. For 47 high- and upper middle-income economies conversion factors are provided by Eurostat and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Official or market exchange rates are often used to convert economic statistics in local currencies to a common currency in order to make comparisons across countries. Since market rates reflect at best the relative prices of tradable goods, the volume of goods and services that a U.S. dollar buys in the United States may not correspond to what a U.S. dollar converted to another country’s currency at the official exchange rate would buy in that country, particularly when nontradable goods and services account for a significant share of a country’s output. An alternative exchange rate – the purchasing power parity (PPP) conversion factor – is preferred because it reflects differences in price levels for both tradable and nontradable goods and services and therefore provides a more meaningful comparison of real output.

Indicator Name: PPP conversion factor, GDP (LCU per international $)

Indicator Code: PA.NUS.PPP

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1990 to 2016

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John Snow Labs; World Bank, International Comparison Program (ICP) Database;

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GDP, PPP, Purchasing Power Parity, ICP, Economy, US Dollar Exchange Rate, International Comparison Program

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GDP Factor Purchasing Power Parity, PPP conversion factor LCU Per International Dollar, PPP for GDP LCU Per International Dollar

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Year_1990PPP rates in 1990numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1991PPP rates in 1991numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1992PPP rates in 1992numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1993PPP rates in 1993numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1994PPP rates in 1994numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1995PPP rates in 1995numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1996PPP rates in 1996numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1997PPP rates in 1997numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1998PPP rates in 1998numberlevel : Ratio
Year_1999PPP rates in 1999numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2000PPP rates in 2000numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2001PPP rates in 2001numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2002PPP rates in 2002numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2003PPP rates in 2003numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2004PPP rates in 2004numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2005PPP rates in 2005numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2006PPP rates in 2006numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2007PPP rates in 2007numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2008PPP rates in 2008numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2009PPP rates in 2009numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2010PPP rates in 2010numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2011PPP rates in 2011numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2012PPP rates in 2012numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2013PPP rates in 2013numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2014PPP rates in 2014numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2015PPP rates in 2015numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2016PPP rates in 2016numberlevel : Ratio
WorldWLDWorld aggregate.
Euro areaEMUEuro area aggregate.
IDA onlyIDXIDA only group aggregate.
GuamGUMEast Asia & PacificHigh income
IBRD onlyIBDIBRD only group aggregate.
IDA blendIDBIDA blend group aggregate.
OECD membersOEDOECD members aggregate.
MonacoMCOEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
European UnionEUUEuropean Union aggregate.
GibraltarGIBEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
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