Restaurant Inspection Scores in King County

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This dataset provides restaurant scores for inspections performed by the Health Department in King County, from 2006 to the present. It includes the name, location and address of the restaurants. This dataset is organized by business / inspection date / violation. Each row in this dataset is an inspection, and if an inspection at a particular business results in multiple violations there will be multiple rows for that business with the same inspection serial number.


Food establishments that sell or serve food to the public must get an annual permit and be inspected by Public Health – King County. These establishments include restaurants, food and espresso carts, coffee places, delis, the fresh food sections in grocery stores, temporary events where food is sold, and more.

There are about 11,000 permitted food service establishments in King County. The majority of these establishments have two unannounced inspections per year. While many of these food service establishments will automatically receive one special educational session on food safety annually, any restaurant may request a special educational session.

The purpose of the inspections is to assure that the food is being handled properly from preparation through serving. Inspectors observe kitchen workers’ food handling practices, assure equipment is working properly, take food temperatures, inspect refrigerators and storage areas, assure water temperatures, and correct level and use of sanitizers. Any problem found is written up, and the manager is taught the correct procedure or method immediately.

There are two types of violations recorded on the inspection report: Red and Blue violations.
Red critical violations are food handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food-borne illnesses. These food handling practices include:

– Controlling temperature, such as cooking meats to the right temperature to kill food-borne disease germs, keeping food hot enough until it is served, and keeping food cold enough
– Cooling food properly, washing hands, and using utensils instead of bare hands on “ready to eat” food
– Storing food
– Serving practices

Blue critical violations are primarily maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to be the cause of a food-borne illness.

Each violation has a numerical value based on its risk of food-borne illness. Therefore, there are more points given for red critical violations than for blue violations. Whenever possible, violations found during the inspection are corrected immediately. Red critical items found during the inspection must be corrected immediately. Examples would be re-heating a food to 165° F, putting it into the refrigerator or discarding the food.

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Restaurant Inspection Scores, Inspection Scores of Restaurants in King County, Inspection and Violation Scores in King County

Restaurant_NameName of the restaurantstringrequired : 1
Program_IdentifierProgram identifier for the inspectionstring-
Inspection_DateDate of inspectiondate-
Restaurant_DescriptionDescription of restaurantstringrequired : 1
Address_of_RestaurantAddress where the restaurant is locatedstringrequired : 1
CityCity in which the restaurant is locatedstringrequired : 1
Zip_CodeZip code as per the address of the restaurantintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Phone_NumberPhone numberintegerlevel : Nominal
LongitudeLocation longitude of the restaurantnumber-
LatitudeLocation latitude of the restaurantnumber-
Inspection_Business_NameInspection business namestring-
Inspection_TypeThe type of inspectionstring-
Inspection_ScoreTotal Score for a particular inspection.integerlevel : Ratio
Inspection_ResultResult of the inspection as per the inspection reportstring-
Is_Inspection_Closed_BusinessBoolean field. True if the business is closed after inspection and false in case it is not closed.boolean-
Violation_TypeTwo types: red and blue. Red violations are with the highest risk of causing food borne disease. One red critical violation equals an unsatisfactory inspection. These violations relate to the maintenance of the establishment and cleanliness.string-
Violation_DescriptionDescription of violation. Inspectors check for food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene, facility and equipment maintenance and vermin control. Each violation earns a certain number of points.string-
Violation_PointsViolation points that are associated with each restaurant inspection. Violation points can range from 1 (least extensive) to 5 (most extensive). For example, the presence of one contaminated food item is a condition level 1 violation, generating 7 points. Four or more contaminated food items is a condition level 4 violation, resulting in 10 points.integerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Business_IdBusiness ID assigned by the inspection teamstringrequired : 1
Inspection_Serial_NumberInspection serial number assigned by the inspection teamstring-
Violation_Record_IdRecord ID assigned to each violation recordstring-
Inspection_GradeGrade assigned to the restaurant following an inspectionintegerlevel : Ratio
FAT HENFAT HENSeating 13-50 - Risk Category III1418 NW 70TH STSeattle98117-122.37443647.679690PR0013624
TASTYTASTYCaterer - Risk Category III1440 S JACKSON STSEATTLE981442533655181-122.31241247.599440PR0086541
VAMANOSVAMANOSSeating 0-12 - Risk Category III3810 AIRPORT WAY SSEATTLE98108-122.32226647.5695370PR0086475
SUBWAYSUBWAYSeating 13-50 - Risk Category III4301 STONE WAY N #ASEATTLE98103-122.34255347.6593830PR00837132
BURDICK BREWERYBURDICK BREWERYSeating 13-50 - Risk Category I8520 14TH AVE SSEATTLE9810820690996320PR0086753
AMBERAMBERSeating 151-250 - Risk Category III2214 1ST AVESeattle981212063551541-122.34554347.613160PR0020891
DUB PUBDUB PUBSeating 51-150 - Risk Category III11516 124TH AVE NEKirkland98033-122.17490547.7034770PR0020448
PROPER & ERNESTPROPER & ERNESTSeating 0-12 - Risk Category I13317 NE 175TH ST STE KWOODINVILLE980720PR0086757
ACADIAACADIASeating 0-12 - Risk Category III1651 N 34TH STSEATTLE981037035777887-122.33774347.6479140PR0086374
BAJA TACOBAJA TACOSeating 13-50 - Risk Category III4720 42ND AVE SWSEATTLE98116-122.38495447.5602440PR0068663