Restaurant Inspection Scores in New York City

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This dataset provides restaurant inspection scores, violations, grades and adjudication information for restaurants in New York City. It also provides the name as well as the location and address of the restaurants.


The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) inspects about 24,000 restaurants a year to monitor compliance with city and state food safety regulations. Since July 2010, the Health Department has required restaurants to post letter grades showing sanitary inspection results. Restaurants with a score between 0 and 13 points earn an A, those with 14 to 27 points receive a B and those with 28 or more a C.

The Health Department conducts unannounced inspections of restaurants at least once a year. Inspectors check for compliance in food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene and vermin control. Each violation of a regulation gets a certain number of points. At the end of the inspection, the inspector totals the points, and this number is the restaurant’s inspection score—the lower the score, the better the Grade.

The points for a particular violation depend on the health risk it poses to the public. Violations fall into three categories:
– A public health hazard, such as failing to keep food at the right temperature, triggers a minimum of 7 points. If the violation cannot be corrected before the inspection ends, the Health Department may close the restaurant until it’s fixed.
– A critical violation, for example, serving raw food such as a salad without properly washing it first, carries a minimum of 5 points.
– A general violation, such as not properly sanitizing cooking utensils, receives at least 2 points. Inspectors assign additional points to reflect the extent of the violation. A violation’s condition level can range from 1 (least extensive) to 5 (most extensive). For example, the presence of one contaminated food item is a condition level 1 violation, generating 7 points. Four or more contaminated food items is a condition level 4 violation, resulting in 10 points.

Two types of inspections result in a letter grade: initial inspections for which the restaurant earns an A and re-inspections that result in an A, B or C. A restaurant has two chances to earn an A in every inspection cycle. If it doesn’t earn an A on the first inspection, it’s scored but ungraded. An inspector goes back to the restaurant unannounced, typically within a month, to inspect it again and the re-inspection is graded. If the grade is a B or C, the restaurant will receive a grade card and a grade pending card. It can post either card until it has an opportunity to be heard at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Health Tribunal. Until a restaurant has a graded inspection, it is listed as Not Yet Graded.
In this dataset, “Record Date” the date when the extract was run to produce the results for all the records is 2017-06-03.

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Restaurant Inspection, Inspection Grades, Violation Scores, Restaurant Scores

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Restaurant Inspection Results in New York City, Inspection Scores of Restaurants in New York City

CAMIS_idCAMIS (City-wide Agency Management Information System) is the unique identifier for the entity/restaurantintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Restaurant_NameName (doing business as) of the entity (restaurant)string-
Borough_NameBorough in which the entity (restaurant) is located. There may be discrepancies between zip code and listed borough name due to differences in an establishment's mailing address and physical locationstringrequired : 1
Building_NumberBuilding number for the entity (restaurant)string-
Street_NameStreet name at which the entity (restaurant) is locatedstring-
Zip_CodeZip code as per the address of the entity (restaurant)integerlevel : Nominal
Phone_NumberPhone Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Cuisine_DescriptionRestaurant's cuisine descriptionstringrequired : 1
Inspection_DateDate of inspectiondaterequired : 1
Action_TakenAction that is associated with each restaurant inspection.string-
Violation_CodeViolation codes that are associated with each restaurant inspection.string-
Violation_DescriptionThis field is the description that corresponds to the violation codesstring-
Violation_FlagThis indicates if violation is critical, not critical or not applicable.string-
Total_Inspection_ScoreTotal Score for a particular inspection. If there was adjudication a judge may reduce the total points for the inspection and this field will have the update amount.integerlevel : Ratio
Inspection_GradeN = Not Yet Graded, A = 0 to 13 points, B = 14 to 27 points, C = 28 points or more, Z = Grade Pending, P= Grade Pending issued on re-opening following an initial inspection that resulted in a closurestring-
Grade_Issuance_DateThe date when the current grade was issued to the entity (restaurant)date-
Inspection_TypeThe type of inspection. A combination of the program and inspection type.string-
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50064340OPTIMISTIC CAFEMissing3473719175Other1900-01-01
50064055ANAND RESTAURANTMissing2126500333Other1900-01-01
50051657MANHATTAN234CANAL ST10013Other1900-01-01Not Applicable
50053206BROOKLYN1776OCEAN AVE11230Other1900-01-01Not Applicable
50046554QUEENS13637ROOSEVELT AVE11354Other1900-01-01Not Applicable
50058002BRONX25033RD AVE104513473662974Other1900-01-01Not Applicable
50064764NAOKIMANHATTAN311W 17TH ST10011Other1900-01-01Not Applicable
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