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San Francisco Aircraft Noise Complaint

This dataset shows the total complaints filed against aircraft noise by the San Francisco Airport (SFO). This dataset is collected and published in a monthly report which is presented at the SFO Airport Community Roundtable meetings.

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The Aircraft Noise Abatement Office (ANAO) collects this data via the complaint hotline, online complaint form, emails, letters and telephone calls to our office. It is used to understand the community’s aircraft noise concerns, to collaborate with stakeholders in an effort to reduce and manage aircraft noise.

The Aircraft Noise Abatement Office serves as a link between the public, airline operators, and federal agencies. Its goal is to provide clear and accessible information to the communities. It ensures that San Francisco International Airport meets or exceeds all Federal and State aircraft noise regulations and are a committed partner in minimizing the impacts of aircraft noise.

Although San Francisco International Airport economic footprint in the Bay Area is vast that recognize responsibility as environmental stewards. SFO’s mission is “to provide exceptional airport in service to communities” includes addressing aircraft noise impacts.

About this Dataset

Data Info

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Temporal Coverage

2005 to 2019

Spatial Coverage

San Francisco


John Snow Labs; Aircraft Noise Abatement Office;

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SFO Noise Complaint Report, SFO Open Data, Noise Complaint, Aircraft Noise Complaint, Aircraft Noise, Aircraft Complaint Form, Airline Complaints, Aircraft Noise Disturbance

Other Titles

Aircraft Complaints in San Francisco, International Airport Complaints

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
YearThe year of the aircraft noise complaint disturbance.date-
MonthThe month of the aircraft noise complaint disturbance.string-
CityThe name of the city where the aircraft noise disturbance occurred.string-
Total_ComplaintsThe number of monthly complaints associated by the community.integerlevel : Ratio
Total_Number_of_CallersThe number of Complainants associated by the community.integerlevel : Ratio

Data Preview

YearMonthCityTotal ComplaintsTotal Number of Callers
20051Daly City166
20051El Granada11
20051Foster City61