School Progress Reports 2006-2007

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This dataset is the statistical record that provides School Progress Reports for all schools in the United States for the school years 2006 to 2007.

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Middle & High – peer index is a value from 1.00-4.50. For middle schools, the average 4th grade proficiency ratings in ELA and Math for all their students that have 4th grade test scores are used. For high schools, the average 8th grade proficiency ratings in ELA and Math for all their students that have 8th grade test scores are used. Lower values indicate student populations with higher need.

Progress Reports grade each school with an A, B, C, D, or F. These reports focus on a school’s learning environment, student performance, and student progress. They were designed to help parents, teachers, principals, and others understand how well schools are doing—and compare them to other, similar schools.

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School Progress Report, School Report, School Education, Report Card, School Report Card

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Education School Reports, School Results for Subjects

DBNA unique identification number for database record for saving school progress report school wise.string-
DistrictSchool district codeintegerlevel : Ordinal
SchoolSchool Name or fieldstring-
School_Support_OrganizationOrganization that supports schoolsstring-
Progress_Report_TypeType of progress report (ESMS - Environmental & Sustainability Management System,string-
Peer_IndexPeer indices are calculated differently depending on School Levelnumberlevel : Ratio
GradeStudents Grades in schoolstring-
Overall_ScoreOverall progress/scorenumberlevel : Ratio
Environment_Category_ScoreScore of School Environment Scorenumberlevel : Ratio
Performance_Category_ScorePerformance Category Scorenumberlevel : Ratio
Progress_Category_ScoreProgress Category Scorenumberlevel : Ratio
Additional_CreditAdditional Credit takennumberlevel : Ratio
Quality_Review_ScoreQuality Review Scorestring-
DBNDistrictSchoolSchool Support OrganizationProgress Report TypeSchool LevelPeer IndexGradeOverall ScoreEnvironment Category ScorePerformance Category ScoreProgress Category ScoreAdditional CreditQuality Review Score
01M0151PS 015 ROBERTO CLEMENTEICI15ESMSElementary School75.6B52.310.2780.2310.69400000000000013.0Undeveloped
01M0191PS 019 ASHER LEVYESO1ESMSElementary School59.25B51.240.510.4660.5111.5Proficient
01M0201PS 020 ANNA SILVERICI15ESMSElementary School69.78B52.590.5680.6820.4021.5Well-Developed
01M0341PS 034 FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELTICI15ESMSK-8 School71.9C47.020.4090.3660.530.75Proficient
01M0631PS 063 WILLIAM MCKINLEYICI15ESMSElementary School62.17C44.660.198999999999999980.5110.4790.0Proficient
01M0641PS 064 ROBERT SIMONESO1ESMSElementary School71.9C48.430.5610.5860.4080.0Well-Developed
01M1101PS 110 FLORENCE NIGHTINGALEESO1ESMSElementary School54.96B51.170.8180.6440.3152.25Proficient
01M1341PS 134 HENRIETTA SZOLDICI15ESMSElementary School66.49B54.210.337999999999999970.550.56600000000000011.5Well-Developed
01M1371PS 137 JOHN L BERNSTEINICI5ESMSElementary School70.85B59.350.397999999999999960.3610.760.75Undeveloped
01M1401PS 140 NATHAN STRAUSESO19ESMSK-8 School73.18B56.140.5880.4410.5931.5Proficient