Sub-Saharan Public Hospitals Database

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This dataset provides a geocoded inventory of public hospitals across 48 countries and islands of sub-Saharan Africa from 100 different sources.


This geo-coded inventory of hospital in Africa was created to enhance access to health services and hospitals by the population.

Timely access to emergency care can significantly reduce mortality. International benchmarks for access to emergency hospital care have been established to guide ambitions for universal health care by 2030.

A cost distance algorithm based on the location of 4908 public hospitals, population distributions, and road networks were used to compute the proportion of populations living within a combined walking and motorized travel time of 2 hours to emergency hospital services. The study estimated that 286 million (29%) people and 64 million (28%) women of childbearing age are located more than 2 hours from the nearest hospital. Marked differences were observed within and between countries.

The study showed that only 17 countries reached the international benchmark of more than 80% of their populations living within a 2-hour travel time of the nearest hospital.

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Sub-Saharan Africa


John Snow Labs; Kenya Medical Research Institute/Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Nairobi, Kenya; Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, UK;

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"Ouma, P; Okiro, EA; Snow, RW, 2017, "Sub-Saharan Public Hospitals Geo-coded database", doi10.7910/DVN/JTL9VY, Harvard Dataverse, V1"


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CountryThe African countries covered in the studystring-
RegionRegion/s in each African country included in the study.string-
Facility_NameThe name of the health facility in each regionstring-
Renamed_Facility_TypeType of health facility including Base Hospital, Central Hospital, Cottage Hospital, County Hospital, District Hospital, General Hospital, Health Centre, Hospital, Level 1 Hospital, Level 2 Hospital, Level 3 Hospital, Medical Centre, Memorial Hospital, Mini Hospital, Municipal Hospital, National Hospital, National Referral Hospital, Primary Hospital, Regional Hospital, Rural Hospital, Sub-District Hospital, Teaching Hospital, University Hospitalstring-
Facility_OwnerAn institution that owns/runs the health facility including Faith-based organization (FBO), Government, Non-governmental organization,string-
LatitudeLatitude of the health facilitynumber-
LongitudeLongitude of the health facilitynumber-
Location_SourceSource of information on Latitude and Longitude which are the following: Combination - A combination of Google Earth, Geonames, open streetmaps and also includes coordinates in original lists which were checked with additional sources; Encarta - A web mapping application; Fallingrain - A directory of cities and towns; Google Earth- A web mapping application; GPS - Global Positioning System;string-
SomaliaGedoJubba HospitalHospitalGovernment
SomaliaBanadirPeace HospitalHospitalGovernment
SudanRed SeaRailway HospitalHospitalGovernment
SudanRiver NileCape HospitalHospitalGovernment
SomaliaGedoLuuq HospitalNGO/FBO3.800142.5445GPS
BeninBorgouBoco HopitalHospitalFBO9.46742.631GPS
SudanRiver NileGibber HospitalHospitalGovernment
UgandaLangoAber HospitalHospitalNGO2.21432.411GPS
UgandaTesoNgora HospitalHospitalNGO1.44333.713GPS
BeninCouffoDogbo HopitalHospitalFBO6.76581.6635GPS