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Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements

The tainted products marketed as dietary supplements dataset includes a small fraction of the potentially hazardous products with hidden ingredients marketed to consumers on the internet and in retail establishments.

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Health fraud drug products are articles of unproven effectiveness that claim to treat disease or improve health.
In addition to wasting billions of consumers’ dollars each year, health scams can lead patients to delay proper treatment and cause serious—and even fatal—injuries.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is very concerned about these fraud products, and removing these products from the market remains one of the Agency’s top priorities.
Dataset includes some potentially hazardous products with hidden ingredients marketed to consumers. FDA is unable to test and identify all products marketed as dietary supplements on the market that have potentially harmful hidden ingredients.
Even if a product is not included in this list, consumers should exercise caution before using certain products.

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John Snow Labs; U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA);

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Tainted Products, FDA Tainted Products, Tainted Food Supplements, Supplement, Vitamins, Dietary Supplements, Vitamins and Supplements

Other Titles

FDA Marketed Tainted Products, FDA Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
DateProduct add datedaterequired : 1
Product_NameTainted products namestringrequired : 1
CompanyCompany namestring-
Hidden_IngredientHidden ingredient in tainted productstringrequired : 1
Product_CategoryProduct categorystring-
LotLot numbersstring-

Data Preview

DateProduct NameCompanyHidden IngredientProduct CategoryLot
2013-01-08MAXILOSS Weight AdvancedVarious DistributorssibutramineWeight Loss
2014-01-09XZone GoldMidwest Wholesalesildenafil and/or tadalafilSexual EnhancementLot#130710GL, Exp 7/31/18
2014-01-09Sexy MonkeyMidwest Wholesalesildenafil and/or tadalafilSexual EnhancementExp 12/31/14
2014-01-09"New" ExtenzeMidwest Wholesalesildenafil and/or tadalafilSexual EnhancementLot# 0512058, Exp 05/16
2014-01-09Triple MiracleZen PlatinumMidwest Wholesalesildenafil and/or tadalafilSexual EnhancementLot# OAWF1027, Exp 1/31/15; Lot# OAWF1003, Exp 1/31/15
2014-01-09Boost UltraMidwest Wholesalesildenafil and/or tadalafilSexual EnhancementLot#B70130, Exp 03/15; Lot#B70130, Exp 3/2015; Lot#06012011, Exp 6/2014
2014-01-09Magic for MenMidwest Wholesalesildenafil and/or tadalafilSexual EnhancementLot# GP808, Exp 10/16; Lot#BN030613, Exp 2/6/15
2014-01-09New XZen PlatinumMidwest Wholesalesildenafil and/or tadalafilSexual EnhancementLot#130520PL, Exp 5/31/17
2014-01-13Pro ArthMaxHuman Science Foundationchlorzoxazone, nefopam, diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen, indomethacinOtherAll
2010-01-15Halodrol LiquidgelsGasparisteroidMuscle BuildingAll