Tobacco Use Risk Factors by Sex Age Race and Education BRFSS

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The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) is a collaborative project of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. states and territories. The BRFSS, administered and supported by CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Branch, is an ongoing data collection program designed to measure behavioral risk factors for the adult population (18 years of age and older) living in households.


This data shows the behavioral responses of US residents in terms of their tobacco use from the years 2011 to 2015. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) is the nation’s premier system of health-related telephone surveys that collect state data about U.S. residents regarding their health-related risk behaviors, chronic health conditions, and use of preventive services. This prevalence data on Tobacco Use among adult U.S. residents are used to design programs that promote preventive health practices that can affect their health status.

Using the prevalence and trends data tools from BRFSS produces charts for individual states or the nation by health topic. In this dataset it shows the prevalence and trends in health care access and coverage for the US from 2011 to 2015.

**BRFSS Design: The BRFSS Questionnaire**
The questionnaire has three parts:

1. Core component: A standard set of questions asked by all states. It includes queries about current health-related perceptions, conditions, and behaviors (e.g., health status, health care access, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, disability, and HIV/AIDS risks), as well as demographic questions.
2. Optional CDC modules: Sets of questions on specific topics (such as excess sun exposure, cancer survivorship, mental illness, and stigma) that states elect to use on their questionnaires. In 2012, 27 optional modules were supported by CDC. The module questions are generally submitted by CDC programs and have been selected for inclusion in the editing and evaluation process by CDC.
3. State-added questions: These are questions developed or acquired by participating states and are added to their questionnaires. State-added questions are not edited or evaluated by CDC.

**Sample Description**
In the sample design, each state begins with a single stratum. To provide adequate sample sizes for smaller geographically defined populations of interest, however, many states sample disproportionately from strata defined to correspond to sub-state regions. In 2012, the 48 states or territories with disproportionately sampled geographic strata were Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Washington, and Wisconsin.

**Data Processing**
CDC begins to process data for the survey year as soon as states or their contractors begin submitting data to the data management mailbox; CDC continues processing data throughout the survey year. CDC receives and tracks monthly data submissions from the states. Once data are received from the state, editing programs and cumulative data quality checks are run against the data.

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Tobacco Use Surveillance System, Smoking Facts by Sex Age Race and Education, Smoking Tobacco Risk Factors by Sex Age Race and Education, Smoking Health Risks by Sex Age Race and Education, Tobacco Statistics Risk Factors by Sex Age Race and Education, Statistics on Smoking by Sex Age Race and Education BRFSS 2011-2015

Surveillance_YearYear of coverage for the tobacco use surveillance.stringrequired : 1
StateState in the US where the surveillance report was gathered.stringrequired : 1
Survey_TypeDescription of the type of survey used to gather the data.stringrequired : 1
Topic_SurveyedDescription of the general topic surveyed in this surveillance report.stringrequired : 1
Topic_DescriptionDescription of the specific topic surveyed in this surveillance report.stringrequired : 1
Survey_Measure_DescriptionDescription of the measure or variable used to indicate the status of smoking activity or tobacco use of the participant.stringrequired : 1
Data_SourceDescription of the source organization of data.stringrequired : 1
Participant_ResponseDescription of the participant response as to the frequency or incidence of tobacco use.string-
Percentage_Of_ResponseDescription of the percentage of the participant response as to the frequency or incidence of tobacco use.numberlevel : Ratio
Data_Value_FootnoteDescription of any footnotes/notes related to the tobacco use data.string-
Data_Value_Standard_ErrorDescription of the estimated standard error or standard deviation from the sample (number of participants) value.numberlevel : Ratio
Low_Confidence_LimitDescription of the low respective level of significance of the data from the estimate population parameter or sample size.numberlevel : Ratio
High_Confidence_LimitDescription of the high respective level of significance of the data from the estimate population parameter or sample size.numberlevel : Ratio
Sample_SizeDescription of the total sample size or total number of participants in the survey.integerlevel : Ordinal
Population_By_GenderDescription of the survey population by gender.stringrequired : 1
Population_By_RaceDescription of the survey population by race.stringrequired : 1
Population_By_AgeDescription of the survey population by age.stringrequired : 1
Population_By_EducationDescription of the survey population by level of education.stringrequired : 1
Topic_Type_IdDescription of the identification used for a general topic type, in this case for tobacco use.stringrequired : 1
Topic_IdDescription of the identification used for a specific topic; all related to tobacco use.stringrequired : 1
Measure_IdDescription of the measure result identification.stringrequired : 1
Stratification_ID1Description of the stratification identification1.stringrequired : 1
Stratification_ID2Description of the stratification identification2.stringrequired : 1
Stratification_ID3Description of the stratification identification3.stringrequired : 1
Stratification_ID4Description of the stratification identification4.stringrequired : 1
Sub_Measure_IDDescription of the sub-measure identification.stringrequired : 1
Display_OrderDescription of the display order of the data.integerrequired : 1 level : Ordinal
LatitudeThe description of the mapping in terms of latitude of the State where the surveillance report was gathered.number-
LongitudeThe description of the mapping in terms of longitude of the State where the surveillance report was gathered.number-
2011NebraskaSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS8. Races65 Years and OlderAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN4AGE6RAC6EDUBRF2323
2015GuamSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS7.42.62.412.4147OverallWhiteAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN8AGE5RAC6EDUBRF222213.444304144.793731
2011GuamSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS23.8514.133.5197OverallWhiteAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN8AGE5RAC6EDUBRF222213.444304144.793731
2011NebraskaSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS31.21.62834.41824OverallAll RacesAge 20 and Older< 12th GradeBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN6AGE6RAC3EDUBRF2424
2015GuamSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS39627.350.7131OverallHispanicAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN8AGE4RAC6EDUBRF222213.444304144.793731
2012GuamSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS312.226.735.3859MaleAll RacesAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA2GEN8AGE6RAC6EDUBRF212113.444304144.793731
2012GuamSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS16.63.59.623.6197OverallWhiteAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN8AGE5RAC6EDUBRF222213.444304144.793731
2015UtahSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS8.70.489.49588OverallWhiteAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN8AGE5RAC6EDUBRF222239.36070017-111.5871306
2013IdahoSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS163.11022263OverallHispanicAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN8AGE4RAC6EDUBRF222243.68263001-114.36373
2014GuamSurvey DataTobacco UseCigarette Use (Adults)Current SmokingBRFSS21.94.912.431.4209OverallWhiteAll AgesAll GradesBEH100BEH110CSA1GEN8AGE5RAC6EDUBRF222213.444304144.793731