Transportation Performance Metrics by CDOT

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This dataset contains performance metrics tracked by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) from 2011 to 2018.


This dataset from CDOT has thirty-five different performance metrics that are tracked, which reports the following: performance target, actual performance, and number of requests completed for a given metric. These metrics are based on data calculated from the city’s 311 system.

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Temporal Coverage

2011-06 to 2018-05

Spatial Coverage

Chicago, United States


John Snow Labs => Data City Of Chicago

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Performance Metrics, Transportation Performance, Performance Metrics for Transportation, Transportation Performance Activity, Department of Transport

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Transportation Performance Chicago, Chicago Transportation Performance Metrics, CDOT Transportation Performance Metrics, Chicago Transportation Performance Metrics

Name Description Type Constraints
Activity_TitleTitle of the activity that is measuredstring-
Period_StartStarting date of the performance perioddate-
Target_Response_DaysThe target number of days to perform this activity, from request to completion.numberlevel : Ratio
Average_Days_to_Complete_ActivityAverage days between creation of request for service and completion of that service, for activities completed in this period.numberlevel : Ratio
Total_Completed_RequestsTotal Number of Requests completedintegerlevel : Ratio
Period_EndThe dates of the period
Cable Cut2011-06-135182011-06-19
Cable Cut2011-08-295162011-09-04
Cable Cut2011-11-075482011-11-13
Cable Cut2012-01-095162012-01-15
Cable Cut2012-02-275132012-03-04
Cable Cut2012-05-285142012-06-03
Cable Cut2012-07-025112012-07-08
Cable Cut2013-02-045152013-02-10
Cable Cut2013-07-085132013-07-14
Cable Cut2013-12-095112013-12-15