• US Counties Ranking by Determinants of Health and Health Outcomes
  • US Counties Determinants of Health and Health Outcomes Ranking


  • County Health Rankings
  • Determinants of Health
  • Health Outcomes Measures
  • Ranking by Length of Life
  • Ranking Quality of Life
  • Ranking Health Behavior
  • Ranking by Clinical Care
  • Ranking by Socioeconomic Factors
  • Ranking by Physical Environment
  • FIPS County Codes

US County Level Health Outcomes And Determinants Of Health Data Package

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The data package provides county-level data and rankings for measures that define the population health status and for a set factors with great influence on population health. The measures used to establish counties ranks are related to length and quality of life and to health behavior, clinical care, socioeconomic and environmental factors.

Useful for public health specialists and specialized institutions at county and state level to prioritize their actions in order to improve population health by managing the factors with great impact on health. ; Useful for researchers seeking to improve the methods, regulations, health policies and strategy that are the basis not only for the local actions but also for country level actions.; The raw version can be found on authors website, but JSL is offering a clean, standardized and easier to use version, alone or in combination with other datasets found in JSL dataset library. ; The JSL version of the dataset contain all measures in a single worksheet which makes the dataset usable like it is. ; The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are again useful for user to quick understand the data and the dataset.; are again useful for user to quick understand the data and the dataset.
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