Waiting Times for Suspected and Diagnosed Cancer Patients

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This dataset provides information on the waiting times of people referred by their GP (General Practitioner) with suspected cancer or breast symptoms and those subsequently diagnosed with and treated for cancer by the NHS (National Health Service) in England.


This dataset presents the validated results of the monitoring of waiting times for cancer services in England. Information on the number of people who attended out-patient appointments within two weeks of an urgent referral by their GP for suspected cancer or breast symptoms and, for patients with cancer, on the numbers who started treatment within 31 and 62 days are included for each organization. The numbers who started some types of subsequent treatments within 31 days are also given for each organization. Numbers of patients who were not seen or treated within the specified times are also included.

More than one in three people will develop cancer at some time in their lives and one in four will die of cancer, as such the quality and outcomes of NHS cancer services attract considerable interest. The timely and effective delivery of NHS services for cancer is a priority for the Department. The Revision to the Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2010/11 stated that:

“Patients should still be able to expect the NHS to continue to deliver improvements in access and quality. It will remain important, for example, for patients with cancer or its symptoms, to be seen by the right person, with appropriate expertise, within the current performance standard timescales”.

Therefore, Cancer Waiting Times statistics covering referrals, diagnosis and treatment are one of the central metrics for enabling better public understanding of NHS performance in the delivery of these services, therefore enabling patients to make choices about their care.

These aggregate national statistics are sourced from the Cancer Waiting Times Database (CWT-Db), a secure system developed and hosted by NHS Connecting for Health. The operational model of the CWT-Db allows a period of time for trusts uploading these data to enter the system and check that patient records have been correctly transposed and interpreted by the system. 25 working days after the end of a quarter, an aggregate extract is taken from the CWT-Db, which forms the basis of these statistics.
These statistics are shared as rapidly as possible, subject to the necessary validation checks and assurance that nationally reported performance figures for the various waiting times standards have been correctly calculated.

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Cancer Patients Waiting Time, Cancer Patients Waiting Time in England, Cancer Treatment Waiting Times NHS

YearYear of data collectionstringrequired : 1
MonthMonth of data collectionstringrequired : 1
Standard_Wait_TimeStandard wait time for the diagnosis or treatment of cancerstringrequired : 1
Area_TeamUnique code assigned to the area teamstringrequired : 1
Organization_CodeUnique code to identify the Provider (Organizational Data Service)stringrequired : 1
Care_SettingCare setting relates either to patients who were: ADMITTED to hospital for treatment (this includes ordinary admissions and day cases); patients who were NON-ADMITTED (which refers to outpatient activity, and treatment in other care settings); and ALL CARE (which is the sum of ADMITTED and NON-ADMITTED patients).string-
Cancer_TypeType of suspected or diagnosed cancerstringrequired : 1
Total_TreatedTotal number of people receiving first treatment for cancernumberrequired : 1 level : Ratio
Within_Standard_Wait_TimeNumber of people receiving first treatment for cancer within the standard wait time set by NHSnumberrequired : 1 level : Ratio
BreachesNumber of patients not treated within the standard wait timenumberrequired : 1 level : Ratio
2017May31 DaysQ70R1FAdmittedSkin440
2017May31 DaysQ70RA2AdmittedSkin110
2017May31 DaysQ70RA4AdmittedSkin550
2017May31 DaysQ70RBDAdmittedLung110
2017May31 DaysQ70RBDAdmittedSkin770
2017May31 DaysQ70RD3AdmittedLung220
2017May31 DaysQ70RDUAdmittedLung110
2017May31 DaysQ70RDUAdmittedSkin110
2017May31 DaysQ70RDZAdmittedLung220
2017May31 DaysQ70RN5AdmittedLung660