Windsor Transit Bus Stops

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This dataset contains the coordinates of the bus stops, route names, route number, bus direction, bus orientation, bus stop ID number and various information regarding bus routing street locations.

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Transit Windsor provides public transportation in the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada to more than 6 million passengers each year (6.73 million in 2017), covering an area of 121 square miles (310 km2) and a population of 218,000. They operate a cross border service between the downtown areas of Windsor and Detroit via the Tunnel Bus, and service to events at Detroit’s Comerica Park, Little Caesars Arena, Cobo Hall and Ford Field. Transit Windsor started on November 1, 1977 with 90 transit buses, one double-decker bus from England, three highway coaches, and two suburban buses. Before 1977, the company was called the Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway Company or the “SW&A”.

The point data is posted by the Geomatics Division and updated using information provided by Transit Windsor. The projection is Northing and Easting or Latitude/Longitude depending on the file format.

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Windsor, Canada


John Snow Labs; Transit Windsor, Canada;

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Windsor Bus Stops, Transit Bus Stops, Windsor Public Transportation, Transit Windsor, Windsor Passenger, Windsor Bus, Windsor Bus Services, Bus Route Numbers

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Public Transportation in Windsor, Windsor Bus Services

Bus_Stop_IDBus identification Number assigned to bus stops by Transit Windsor.integerlevel : Nominal
Bus_DirectionDirection of bus (South, East, West, North)string-
Bus_StartBus Starting pointstring-
Bus_StopBus ending stopstring-
Start_Location_LandmarkLocation of starting street of the bus stopstring-
Stop_Location_LandmarkLocation of ending street of the bus stopstring-
Is_ShelterBus stop has shelter?boolean-
Is_BenchBus stop has bench?boolean-
Is_GarbageBus stop has garbage carts?boolean-
LatitudeLatitude location of the bus stopnumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the bus stopnumber-
Public_IDIdentification number of bus stops for public use provided by the Transit Windsor.integerlevel : Nominal
Route_1Route Number 1 of transit bus stop.string-
Route_2Route Number 2 of transit bus stop.string-
Route_3Route Number 3 of transit bus stop.string-
Route_4Route Number 4 of transit bus stop.string-
Route_1_DirectionRoute Number 1 direction of transit bus stop.string-
Route_2_DirectionRoute Number 2 direction of transit bus stop.string-
Route_3_DirectionRoute Number 3 direction of transit bus stop.string-
Route_4_DirectionRoute Number 4 direction of transit bus stop.string-
Bus Stop IDBus DirectionBus StartBus StopStart Location LandmarkStop Location LandmarkIs ShelterIs BenchIs GarbageLatitudeLongitudePublic IDRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 4Route 1 DirectionRoute 2 DirectionRoute 3 DirectionRoute 4 Direction
0Bus is Facing NorthTransit TerminalChathamTransit TerminalOn ChathamFalseTrueTrue42.317898-83.0432542116Tunnel BusNorthbound
1Bus is Facing WestTunnel PlatformMariners ChurchTunnel PlatformAt Mariners ChurchTrueFalseFalse42.328989-83.0420612124Tunnel BusSouthbound
2Bus is Facing NorthWashingtonJeffersonEast side of WashingtonNorth of JeffersonFalseFalseFalse42.327686-83.048217000000012129Tunnel BusNorthbound
3Bus is Facing NorthCanada CustomsDuty FreeCanada CustomsDuty FreeTrueFalseFalse42.315761-83.0365272119Tunnel BusNorthbound
4Bus is Facing SouthCity Hall SquareWindsorWest side of City Hall SquareNorth of WindsorTrueFalseFalse42.316660999999996-83.0355222118Tunnel BusNorthbound
5Bus is Facing SouthGoyeauPittWest side of GoyeauSouth of PittFalseFalseTrue42.319084000000004-83.037892117Tunnel BusNorthbound
6Bus is Facing WestChathamGlengarryNorth side of ChathamEast of GlengarryFalseFalseFalse42.320135-83.0318852054Parent 14Northbound
7Bus is Facing NorthAylmerAssumptionEast side of AylmerNorth of AssumptionFalseFalseFalse42.319186-83.029782056Parent 14Northbound
8Bus is Facing NorthAylmerWyandotteEast side of AylmerSouth of WyandotteFalseFalseFalse42.316988-83.0283562058Parent 14Northbound
9Bus is Facing NorthHowardElliottEast side of HowardSouth of ElliottFalseFalseFalse42.31416-83.0273572060Parent 14Northbound
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