Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System YRBSS Data on Smoking

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The YRBSS is conducted biennially and collects data on a variety of youth risk behaviors including tobacco use. The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System YRBSS Data on Smoking dataset uses a two-stage cluster sample design to produce representative samples of students in high schools (grades 9-12).


The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) monitors six categories of priority health behaviors
among youth and young adults: 1) behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence; 2) tobacco use; 3) alcohol and
other drug use; 4) sexual behaviors related to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including human
immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection; 5) unhealthy dietary behaviors; and 6) physical inactivity. In addition, YRBSS monitors
the prevalence of obesity and asthma and other priority health behaviors.

The YRBSS uses SAS-callable SUDAAN (Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC) to calculate asymmetric confidence intervals based on the logit transformation. The logit transformation constrains confidence interval limits to vary between a lower limit of 0% and an upper limit of 100%. The data for the STATE System were extracted from YRBSS surveys from participating states. Tobacco topics included are cigarette smoking prevalence, cigarette smoking frequency, and smokeless tobacco products prevalence.

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Other Titles

Youth Tobacco Use Surveillance System 1993-2017, Surveillance Risk of Tobacco Use in Youth

Survey_YearThe year in which the survey was conducted.daterequired : 1
State_AbbreviationState abbreviation of Surveystringrequired : 1
StateState in which the survey was conductedstringrequired : 1
Survey_Topic_TypeTopic of survey data, Tobacco use in this casestringrequired : 1
Survey_Topic_DescriptionDescription of the survey topicstringrequired : 1
Measure_DescriptionDescription of the measures to be taken into accountstringrequired : 1
Data_SourceSource of the datastringrequired : 1
Measure_ResponseResponse to the measure, either current or frequentstringrequired : 1
Percent_Data_ValuePercentage of Data valuenumberlevel : Ratio
Data_Value_Standard_ErrorStandard error in data valuenumberlevel : Ratio
Low_Confidence_LimitLow confidence limit of data valuenumberlevel : Ratio
High_Confidence_LimitHigh confidence limit of data valuenumberlevel : Ratio
Population_Sample_SizeSample size of populationintegerlevel : Ratio
GenderSurvey Participant's genderstringrequired : 1
Age_of_Survey_ParticipantSurvey Participant's Agestringrequired : 1
Race_of_Survey_ParticipantSurvey Participant's racestringrequired : 1
Education_Level_of_Survey_ParticipantEducation Level of Survey Participantstringrequired : 1
LatitudeParticipant's location coordinates (latitude)number-
LongitudeParticipant's location coordinates (longitude)number-
Survey_Topic_Type_IdID assigned to survey topic typestringrequired : 1
Survey_Topic_IdID assigned to survey topicstringrequired : 1
Measure_IdID assigned to survey measurestringrequired : 1
Stratification_Id_1Stratification id number 1stringrequired : 1
Stratification_Id_2Stratification Id number 2stringrequired : 1
Stratification_Id_3Stratification Id number 3stringrequired : 1
Stratification_Id_4Stratification Id number 4stringrequired : 1
Sub_Measure_IdID assigned to sub measurestringrequired : 1
Display_OrderData display orderintegerrequired : 1 level : Ratio
Survey YearState AbbreviationStateSurvey Topic TypeSurvey Topic DescriptionMeasure DescriptionData SourceMeasure ResponsePercent Data ValueData Value Standard ErrorLow Confidence LimitHigh Confidence LimitPopulation Sample SizeGenderAge of Survey ParticipantRace of Survey ParticipantEducation Level of Survey ParticipantLatitudeLongitudeSurvey Topic Type IdSurvey Topic IdMeasure IdStratification Id 1Stratification Id 2Stratification Id 3Stratification Id 4Sub Measure IdDisplay Order
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrent30.91.727.534.51382.0OverallAll AgesAll RacesHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrent49.73.942.157.4213.0OverallAll AgesAmerican Indian/Alaska NativeHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE2RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrentOverallAll AgesAsianHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE8RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrentOverallAll AgesAfrican AmericanHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE1RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrent37.04.528.546.4130.0OverallAll AgesHispanicHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE4RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrentOverallAll AgesPacific IslanderHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE9RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrent24. AgesWhiteHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE5RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrent21.83.315.929.1155.0OverallAll AgesMultiple RaceHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS1GEN8AGE7RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrent25.11.921.529.2688.0FemaleAll AgesAll RacesHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS3GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYRB121
2015AKAlaskaTobacco Use - Survey DataAny Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYRBSSCurrent35.92.131.940.1687.0MaleAll AgesAll RacesHigh School64.84507996-147.722059BEH154BEH182TUS2GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYRB121