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cyber security Blog

In a prior Blog, I mentioned “Ransomware”. That is when someone, without your best interest at heart, inserts malware on your computer. Here's what to do.

New UI and improved User Experience in Annotation Lab 4.0

We are very excited to release Annotation Lab 4.0 with a completely refreshed UI/UX. All the pages and components used across the application have been redesigned. Along with these updates,...

How to create a NER project in Annotation Lab

This video shows how to create a NER project in Annotation Lab.

John Snow Labs Announces Finance NLP and Legal NLP, Bringing State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing to New Domains

400 New Language Models Specific to Finance and Legal Applications are Now Available from John...

De-identification under HIPAA: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction  If you were a doctor consulting with another doctor, you might naturally say, “I had a case like that three years ago, and here’s what I did.” You wouldn’t...

Reach Consensus Faster by Using IAA Charts in the Annotation Lab

What is IAA Inter-Annotator Agreement (IAA) is a measure of how consistent or aligned the manual annotations created by different team members are. It is a measure of how clear...