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Data Philanthropy Blog

Positive Social Impact Achieved by Donating Data, Models, and Software.

White Swan’s Impressions of John Snow Labs’ Clinical Named Entity Recognition

At an industry conference in 2018, our volunteer Rob Lovelock was introduced to a company called John Snow Labs, which specialized in developing data science models specifically in the healthcare...

John Snow Labs is providing free academic licenses to researchers and educators in artificial intelligence

John Snow Labs is making its licensed libraries for state-of-the-art natural language processing – Spark NLP for Healthcare and Spark OCR – available under a free license for academic researchers, educators, and students. This includes over... and John Snow Labs partner for free COVID-19 datasets to researchers & data scientists, the cloud-native data catalog, and healthcare AI & NLP provider John Snow Labs are partnering to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic by sharing free COVID-19 datasets and software for virus...

Forging Partnerships for a Better World – John Snow Labs and Open Knowledge International Collaboration

Exactly a year ago, John Snow Labs made an alliance with other organizations that share the same passion and vision to make graded datasets readily available for the enrichment of...

John Snow Labs’ State-Of-The-Art Big Data Quality Frameworks

Dataset Requirements for Compliance with State-Of-The-Art Big Data Quality Frameworks The term data quality can best be defined as “Fitness for use”, which implies the concept of data quality is...