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No-Code AI Blog

Make AI Accessible to Everyone, Without Writing a Line of Code.

End-to-End No-Code Development of Visual NER Models for PDFs and Images

This video shows how available Visual NER models can be used for predictions, how data can be corrected and how visual models can be finetuned with Annotation Lab.

End-to-End No-Code Development of NER model for Text with Annotation Lab

The video shows how to put together high quality training data, train an NER model and deploy it in production environment. All that is possible without writing a line of...

End-to-End No-Code Development of AI Models for Text and Images

AI models and pipelines for text and image processing are currently used in intelligent applications on all verticals, from Healthcare to Finance and Security. Up until now, they have been...

The Unified NLP Platform

This keynote describes how the components of the Spark NLP ecosystem – Spark NLP, NLU, Healthcare NLP, Spark OCR, Auto NLP, Annotation Lab, NLP Server, Models Hub – come together...

Using Rules and Pretrained Models in Text Annotation Projects 2/3

To ease and speed up the annotation process for DL model training, John Snow Labs offers a FREE enterprise-grade Annotation Lab. This is a tool for human-in-the-loop annotation for all...