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Data philanthropy helps in actualizing most of the goals sought by traditional corporate social philanthropy while creating a meaningful impact.

Programmatic labeling in Annotation Lab

This video shows how to create rules for pre-annotation of NER project in Annotation Lab.

New UI and improved User Experience in Annotation Lab 4.0

We are very excited to release Annotation Lab 4.0 with a completely refreshed UI/UX. All the pages and components used across the application have been redesigned. Along with these updates,...

How to create a NER project in Annotation Lab

This video shows how to create a NER project in Annotation Lab.

John Snow Labs Announces Finance NLP and Legal NLP, Bringing State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing to New Domains

400 New Language Models Specific to Finance and Legal Applications are Now Available from John...

De-identification under HIPAA: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction  If you were a doctor consulting with another doctor, you might naturally say, “I had a case like that three years ago, and here’s what I did.” You wouldn’t...