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Annotation Lab Blog

End-to-End, No-Code Studio for Training & Tuning AI Models. 

Annotation Lab in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

The goal of this study is to run a series of performance tests to check the responsiveness of the Annotation Lab web application when handling big workloads, both in terms...

Visual NER Automated Preannotation and Training in the Annotation Lab

Annotation Lab v3.4.0 brings support for Visual NER Automated Preannotation and Model Training. Spark NLP and Spark NLP for Healthcare libraries are upgraded to version 4.0. Known security and bug...

Confidence score for Predictions, Benchmark Data Available in ModelsHub page and IAA for Visual NER Projects in the Annotation Lab

Annotation Lab v3.3.0 brings a highly requested new feature for displaying the confidence scores for...

End-to-End No-Code Development of Visual NER Models for PDFs and Images

This video shows how available Visual NER models can be used for predictions, how data can be corrected and how visual models can be finetuned with Annotation Lab.