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Content by Mahmood Bayeshi

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Mahmood Bayeshi is an experienced Software Engineer with a strong academic background in Software Engineering, backed by a Bachelor's degree, and possesses over 8 years of professional experience, with a primary focus on Spark and Spark NLP. Beyond this specialization, He brings a wealth of software engineering skills to the table. Proficient in languages like Java, Scala, and Python, He excels in architecting and developing complex software solutions. With expertise in Big Data technologies, cloud-native solutions, and scalable distributed frameworks like Spark, Mahmood Bayeshi is well-equipped to create scalable and efficient applications that push the boundaries of technology. His commitment to staying current with industry trends and adaptability positions him as a valuable asset, consistently delivering innovative software solutions that leverage the potential of Spark and Spark NLP to the fullest.


In this article, we introduce a solution to set up John Snow Labs NLP Libraries in air-gapped Databricks workspaces with no internet connection and download & load the pretrained models...