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Ready-to-go Spark NLP environment in SageMaker Studio

In this article, we are going to explain how to attach a custom Spark NLP, Spark NLP for Healthcare, and Spark OCR Docker image to SageMaker Studio. Requirements: AWS Account...

Mining Adverse Drug Reactions from Unstructured Mediums at Scale

Adverse drug reactions / events (ADR/ADE) have a major impact on patient health and health care costs. Detecting ADR’s as early as possible and sharing them with regulators, pharma companies,...

Comparison of Key Medical NLP Benchmarks — Spark NLP vs AWS, Google Cloud and Azure

Spark NLP for Healthcare comes with 600+ pretrained clinical pipelines & models out of the box and is consistently making 4–6x less error than Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud on...

The 5 Healthcare AI Trends Technologists Need To Know

With the increased investments and interest from a broader range of users, it’s encouraging to see how a highly regulated industry like healthcare is ushering in AI.