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John Snow Labs Announces Program for the 2023 NLP Summit, the World’s Largest Gathering on Applied Natural Language Processing

NLP Summit 2023 Topics Covered Include Large Language Models, Semantic Search, ChatBots, Responsible AI, and the Real-World Projects that Put Them to Work

John Snow Labs, the healthcare AI and NLP company and developer of the Spark NLP library, today announced the agenda for its annual NLP Summit, , one of the most anticipated NLP conference of the year, taking place virtually October 3-5. In its fourth year, the event is the world’s largest gathering of the artificial intelligence (AI) community that explores today’s cutting edge use cases, advancements, and challenges of applied natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs).

The NLP Summit has attracted more than 10,000 attendees and is expected to do the same this year. Covering important trends in the field that have real business impact, some of these include putting LLMs to work, new open-source tools for semantic search and responsible AI, and their applications in healthcare (including medical NLP), finance, manufacturing, life science, advertising, insurance, science, and more.

This year’s keynotes include expert sessions from Anyscale, Neo4j, JPMorgan, The Department of Veteran Affairs, Microsoft, and John Snow Labs, among others. With three full days dedicated to open source, healthcare, and applications, experts will discuss improving the robustness and fairness of LLM and NLP models, benchmarks of medical chatbots, and effectively leveraging generative AI solutions in healthcare.

“While there’s been tremendous buzz about the promise of generative AI over the last year, there is limited knowledge about what’s actually working and what’s not when it comes to real-world applications of the technology,” said David Tably, CTO, John Snow Labs. “We’ve built this year’s program to answer just that by sharing best practices and lessons learned from successfully applying LLMs, GPT, vector databases, and other aspects of generative AI.”

In its pursuit to make AI accessible to all, John Snow Labs announced the release of Spark NLP 5 earlier this year. The major update delivers material speedups for calculating text embeddings, a critical step in populating vector databases for RAG LLM and semantic search applications, and the fastest currently available to the open-source community. Read the full press release to learn how Spark NLP 5 can enhance your LLM’s efficiency, reliability, and scalability, improving your AI application’s overall performance.

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