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John Snow Labs is All In on Generative AI, Achieving 82M Spark NLP Downloads, 5x NLP Lab Growth, and New State-of-the-Art LLM Accuracy Benchmarks

John Snow Labs, the AI for healthcare company, has completed its highest growth year in company history. Attributed to its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) models and proven customer success, the focus on generative AI has gained the company industry recognition. With early customers already in production and presenting public case studies of their successes, John Snow Labs will continue to innovate and improve its large language models (LLMs) for healthcare.

The shift across John Snow Labs’ product suite has resulted in several notable company milestones over the past year including:

  • 82 million downloads of the open-source Spark NLP library. Monthly downloads increased by 60% since the 5.0 release in July, thanks to newly added support for ONNX models and the ability to accelerate and scale the calculation of text embeddings—a key step in preparing data for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) LLM solutions. Embeddings calculation is 3-7x faster than Hugging Face on a single server and an order of magnitude faster when scaled to a cluster. State-of-the-art text embeddings are provided, outperforming those by OpenAI.
  • The no-code NLP Lab platform has experienced 5x growth by teams training, tuning, and publishing AI models. Recent releases included a suite of generative AI features with pre-annotation by both GPT and zero-shot models, synthetic data generation, entity recognition and text classification using prompts, and a private prompts hub for teams.
  • The newly released Medical Chatbot provides a conversational interface to a suite of medical knowledge bases, updated daily. The Medical Chatbot is designed to help experts stay current with medical research, case reports, trials, terminologies, and their organization’s private content, all using a simple natural language interface. The chatbot provides full explainability by always citing its sources, and prioritizes privacy through features like role-based access.
  • John Snow Labs is leading efforts in responsible AI for healthcare through the development of the open-source LangTest library, which now supports over 100 test types of benchmarks that can automatically evaluate LLMs. In addition, the team is part of The Coalition for Health AI (CHAI), a non-profit that comprises health systems, technology companies, civil and government organizations, and expert AI practitioners, created to provide a framework for healthcare AI tools. John Snow Labs’ CTO is the co-lead of the fairness, equity, and bias mitigation workgroup at CHAI.
  • John Snow Labs has won the 2024 Global 100 Award for the Best Medical Application of LLMs. Not only does the award recognize the company’s product innovation, but established customer success. Several such case studies were presented by The US Department of Veteran Affairs, ClosedLoop, and WiseCube at John Snow Labs’ annual NLP Summit, now the world’s largest gathering of applied NLP and LLM practitioners.

Additionally, John Snow Labs has developed a series of new integrations with partners to enable customers to build end-to-end solutions faster. For example, longtime partner Databricks leveraged the company’s healthcare-specific models to build a RAG LLM clinical chatbot. John Snow Labs now has 26 partners including Oracle, AWS, Azure, Deloitte, Carahsoft, Accenture, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

“Generative AI and LLMs took 2023 by storm, but delivering enterprise-grade systems that are accurate, responsible, and scalable is not yet a reality for most organizations,” said David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs. “We’re taking medical LLMs beyond the hype, productizing the latest AI research to advance the state-of-the-art and help the healthcare industry put it to good use faster.”

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