• US and EU Biopharmaceutical Companies
  • US and EU Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Establishment Registration Status
  • Bioresearch Health Monitoring Information System
  • 3PL Contract Wholesale Distributor and Third-Party Logistics Providers Reporting
  • FDA Acronyms & Abbreviations Database
  • Post-Marketing Requirements and Commitments for Human Drugs
  • FDA Post-Marketing Requirements and Commitments Status


  • BIMO
  • List of Pharma Companies
  • Facilities Registration
  • 3PL Contract
  • FDA Acronyms
  • Post-Marketing
  • Clinical trials
  • Drug Manufacturing Companies

Biotech Pharma and Research Information Database Data Package

$158 $109 / YEAR

This data package consists of bioresearch monitoring information system (BMIS) dataset, directory of the different biotech and biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies in the United States and the European Union, establishment registration database, drug wholesale distributor and third-party logistics provider reporting database, establishment inspections conducted by FDA, and FDA post-marketing requirements and commitments searchable database.

All FDA related datasets contained in single data package; Comprehensive list of pharmaceutical companies; FDA inspection database is also available in this data package
Update Frequency: Quarterly
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 2
1. Directory of US and EU Pharmaceutical Companies ($79)
2. Directory of US EU and Other Biotech Companies ($79)