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Canadian Census Data Package

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The data package provides demographics for Canadian population groups according according to multiple location categories: Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs), Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) and Census Agglomerations (CAs), Federal Electoral Districts (FEDs), Health Regions (HRs) and provinces. The main demographic indicators provided for the population groups, stratified not only by location, but also for the majority by demographical and socioeconomic characteristics, are population number, females and males, usual residents and private dwellings.

Useful for Canada public health stakeholders, for public health specialist or specialized public and other interested parties. For health surveillance and population health research. For monitoring, planning, implementation and evaluation of health-related programs. Media agencies may use the health regions data to raise awareness about health, an issue of concern to all Canadians. Giving the addition of longitude and latitude in some of the datasets the data can be Useful to transpose the values into geographical representations. The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are Useful for the user to quickly understand the data and the dataset.
1. Canadian Population and Dwelling by FSA 2011 ($447.5)
2. Detailed Canadian Population Statistics by CMAs and CAs 2011 ($447.5)
3. Detailed Canadian Population Statistics by FED 2011 ($447.5)
4. Detailed Canadian Population Statistics by Health Region 2011 ($447.5)
5. Detailed Canadian Population Statistics by Province 2011 ($447.5)