CDC STATE System Smokefree Indoor Air Summary

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This dataset includes Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) information related to state legislation on smokefree indoor air in various areas per state. The State System houses current and historical state-level legislative dataset on tobacco use prevention and control policies data are reported on a quarterly basis.


This dataset includes information related to state legislation on smokefree indoor air in areas such as: Bars, Commercial Day Care Centers, Government Multi-Unit Housing, Government Worksites, Home-Based Day Care Centers, Hotels and Motels, Personal Vehicles, Private Multi-Unit Housing, Private Worksites, Restaurants, Bingo Halls, Casinos, Enclosed Arenas, Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Hospital Campuses, Malls, Mental Health Outpatient and Residential Facilities, Prisons, Public Transportation, Racetrack Casinos, Substance Abuse Outpatient and Residential Facilities.

The primary purpose of smokefree laws and policies is to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. However, smokefree laws can also motivate and help tobacco users quit and prevent initiation of tobacco use. Studies have shown that the implementation of smokefree laws and policies can increase cessation and reduce smoking prevalence among workers and the general population and may also reduce smoking initiation among youth.

Benefits include:
– Smokefree Policies Do Not Hurt the Hospitality Industry
– Smokefree Policies Improve Air Quality
– Smokefree Policies Improve Health
– Smokefree Policies Receive Public Support
– Smokefree Policies Reduce Secondhand Smoke Exposure
– Smokefree Policies Reduce Smoking
– Smokefree Policies Result in High Levels of Compliance
– Ventilation Does Not Effectively Protect Nonsmokers from Secondhand Smoke

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John Snow Labs; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System;

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CDC Smokefree Tobacco Legislation Indoor Air Summary, CDC System Smokefree Summary Data

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20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirPrivate WorksitesOSHVehiclesType of Restriction in Private Worksite VehicleNo ProvisionRanking32.84057112-86.6318607635LEG600LEG605PWK30GRP34
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirHome-based Day Care CentersOSHPenaltiesLicense Suspension or RevocationNo ProvisionRanking32.84057112-86.6318607680LEG600LEG620HDC60GRP76
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirPersonal VehiclesOSHAdditional RequirementsWeight Requirement of Child (lbs)No ProvisionPounds32.84057112-86.6318607630LEG600LEG642PVE20GRP107
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirPrivate WorksitesOSHEnforcementEnforcement AuthorityYesALA. CODE § 22-15A-8(a)2.0Yes/No2003-06-192003-09-0132.84057112-86.6318607650LEG600LEG605PWK50GRP26
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirCommercial Day Care CentersOSHVehiclesLevel of OffenseNo ProvisionRanking32.84057112-86.6318607635LEG600LEG615CDC30GRP64
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirRestaurantsOSHEnforcementEnforcement (Type)Department of Public HealthALA. CODE §§ 22-15A-8(a) and 22-15A-3(3)2003-06-192003-09-0132.84057112-86.6318607635LEG600LEG610RES50GRP43
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirGovernment WorksitesOSHVehiclesLevel of OffenseNo ProvisionRanking32.84057112-86.6318607655LEG600LEG600GWK30GRP19
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirPrivate Multi-Unit HousingOSHRestrictionsType of Restriction in Lobby and Common Area of Private Multi-Unit HousingDesignated AreasALA. CODE § 22-15A-63.0Ranking2003-06-192003-09-0132.84057112-86.631860765LEG600LEG602PMH10GRP125
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirCommercial Day Care CentersOSHPenaltiesMinimum Penalty ($)50ALA. CODE § 22-15A-8(b)50.0Money2003-06-192003-10-0132.84057112-86.6318607660LEG600LEG615CDC60GRP57
20153ALAlabamaLegislation - Smokefree Indoor AirHome-based Day Care CentersOSHPenaltiesPenalty to BusinessYesALA. CODE § 22-15A-8(b)2.0Yes/No2003-06-192003-09-0132.84057112-86.6318607655LEG600LEG620HDC60GRP71