Chicago Affordable Rental Housing Developments

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This dataset shows the list of affordable rent by the housing development supported by the City of Chicago by :
– Community Area Name
– Community Area Number
– Property Description
– Property Name
– Address
– ZIP Code
– Phone Number
– Management Company
– Units
– Latitude
– Longitude

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In Chicago, both the city government and the Chicago Housing Authority (a separate body whose Board of Commissioners is nominated by the mayor of Chicago and confirmed by the City Council) work to provide rental housing priced below market rates and other housing subsidies. Each uses a mix of subsidized developments and vouchers that households can use on the private market. Together, they currently support just under 89,000 rental households. The distinction between programs run by the City of Chicago and those run by the Chicago Housing Authority, as well as the large number of programs run by the City of Chicago, each with its own goals and funding streams, can make it difficult to grasp what is meant by “affordable housing policy.”

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City of Chicago


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Chicago Affordable Rental, Housing Developments in Chicago

Community_Area_NameName of the Community Areastring-
Community_Area_NumberIndicates the Community area numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Property_DescriptionType of housing propertystring-
Property_NameName of the housing propertystring-
AddressPhysical address of the housing propertystring-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code of the propertyintegerlevel : Nominal
Phone_NumberPhone number of the propertystring-
Management_CompanyCompany name who is managing housing propertystring-
UnitsNumber of units in the propertyintegerlevel : Ratio
LatitudeLatitude location of the propertynumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the propertynumber-
Hyde Park41AROVue531330 E. 53rd St.60615773-355-4972Peak Campus2741.79959787-87.59376104
Logan Square22AROMiCA2733 W. Belden Ave.60647312-702-25192293NMA LLC2241.92282434-87.69674313
Near West Side28SeniorLoomis Court1314 W. 15th St.60608312-850-4128CHA6841.86166987-87.65963108
Uptown3ARO811 Uptown811 W. Agatite Ave.60640312-402-7784RL Accelerated2241.96263002-87.65043043
Woodlawn42MultifamilyWECAN6450 S. Stony Island Ave.60637773-288-3000WECAN11741.77728699-87.58649335
Douglas35AROUnity Hall3138-40 S. Indiana Ave.60616312-929-2608TRB properties241.83717695-87.62203977
Lakeview6AROClarkview Apts.3228 N. Clark St.60657773-562-6149Glascott Realty241.94064621-87.65140951
Riverdale54SeniorConcordia Apts.13037 S. Daniel Dr.60627773-995-5200DRE, Inc.7541.65793125-87.6159174
West Town24AROLuxe on Chicago1838 W. Chicago Ave.60622312-424-6225Fifield Co.441.89607519-87.67373584
Hyde Park41AROCity Hyde Park5105 S. Harper Ave.60615773-548-5077Mac Properties3641.80226057-87.58900435
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