Chicago Affordable Rental Housing Developments

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This dataset shows the list of affordable rent by the housing development supported by the City of Chicago by :
– Community Area Name
– Community Area Number
– Property Description
– Property Name
– Address
– ZIP Code
– Phone Number
– Management Company
– Units
– Latitude
– Longitude

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In Chicago, both the city government and the Chicago Housing Authority (a separate body whose Board of Commissioners is nominated by the mayor of Chicago and confirmed by the City Council) work to provide rental housing priced below market rates and other housing subsidies. Each uses a mix of subsidized developments and vouchers that households can use on the private market. Together, they currently support just under 89,000 rental households. The distinction between programs run by the City of Chicago and those run by the Chicago Housing Authority, as well as the large number of programs run by the City of Chicago, each with its own goals and funding streams, can make it difficult to grasp what is meant by “affordable housing policy.”

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Chicago Affordable Rental, Housing Developments in Chicago

Community_Area_NameName of the Community Areastring-
Community_Area_NumberIndicates the Community area numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Property_DescriptionType of housing propertystring-
Property_NameName of the housing propertystring-
AddressPhysical address of the housing propertystring-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code of the propertyintegerlevel : Nominal
Phone_NumberPhone number of the propertystring-
Management_CompanyCompany name who is managing housing propertystring-
UnitsNumber of units in the propertyintegerlevel : Ratio
LatitudeLatitude location of the propertynumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the propertynumber-
Community Area NameCommunity Area NumberProperty DescriptionProperty NameAddressZIP CodePhone NumberManagement CompanyUnitsLatitudeLongitude
Portage Park15ARO4812-15 W. Montrose Apts.4812-15 W. Montrose Ave.60641630-694-6968@properties2
West Englewood67MultifamilyNew West Englewood Homes2109 W. 63rd St.60636773-434-4929Interfaith Housing Corp.12
Englewood68MultifamilyAntioch Homes II301 W. Marquette Road60621773-994-4546Universal Management Service, Inc.6941.77256377-87.63241932
Washington Park40Senior HUD 202St. Edmund's Corners5556 S. Michigan Ave.60637773-667-7583St. Edmund's Redevelopment Corp.5341.79297452-87.62256852
Humboldt Park23MultifamilyNelson Mandela Apts.526 N. Troy St.60624773-227-6332Bickerdike Apts.641.89117274-87.70533834
Grand Boulevard38SeniorEvans Langley727 E. 50th Pl60615312-368-8610Metroplex, Inc.6041.80303973-87.60775489
Uptown3MultifamilyMagnolia Court Apts.4878 N. Magnolia Ave.60640773-878-2186Park, Inc.6041.97121983-87.66124806
South Shore43MultifamilyJeffrey Towers Apts.7020 S. Jeffrey Blvd.60649872-777-4924Interfaith Housing Corp.13641.76735295-87.57647796
North Center5AROThe Henry1819 W. Montrose Ave.60613855-443-5287FLATS Leasing4
Near West Side28MultifamilyNear West Side Apts.216 S. Hoyne Ave.60612312-738-2280Baker-Simmons Apartments8441.87812559-87.67915413
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