Chicago Business Licenses

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This dataset shows the list of business licenses issued by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection in the City of Chicago from 2002 to the present.

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The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) issues business licenses in the City of Chicago and regulates industries as diverse as retail, food establishments, day care centers, manufacturing facilities and motor vehicle repair shops. BACP also regulates the sale of retail liquor in Chicago.

Most types of business licenses can be applied for online, or in-person. The Small Business Center (SBC) issues business licenses and regulates the business activities of industries as diverse as retail, food and liquor establishments, entertainment venues and theaters, day care centers, manufacturing facilities and motor vehicle repair shops just to name a few.

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Business Licenses in Chicago, Applying for Business Licenses

Name Description Type Constraints
Identification_NumberA calculated ID for each record.string-
License_IDAn internal database ID for each record. Each license can have multiple records as it goes through renewals and other transactions.integerlevel : Nominal
Account_NumberThe account number of the business owner, which will stay consistent across that owner's licenses and can be used to find the owner in the Business Owners dataset.integerlevel : Nominal
Site_NumberAn internal database ID indicating the location of this licensed business to account for business owners with more than one location.integerlevel : Nominal
Legal_NameLegal name is the name being used to operate the business.string-
AddressAddress of the business or entity.string-
CityCity of the business or entity.string-
State_AbbreviationState abbreviation of the business or entity.string-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code of the business or entity.string-
Ward_NumberThe ward where the business is located.integerlevel : Nominal
Precinct_NumberThe precinct within the ward where the business is located. Note the same precinct numbers exist in multiple wards.integerlevel : Nominal
Police_DistrictPolice District number of physical addressintegerlevel : Nominal
License_CodeLicense Codes issued by the Business Affairs and Consumer Protectionintegerlevel : Nominal
License_DescriptionDescription of the licensestring-
Business_Activity_IDIdentification Number for Business activitystring-
Business_ActivityType of business activitystring-
License_NumberThe license number known to the public and generally used in other data sources that refer to the license. This is the field most users will want for most purposes. Each license has a single license number that stays consistent throughout the lifetime of the license. By contrast, the LICENSE ID field is an internal database ID and not generally useful to external users.integerlevel : Nominal
Application_TypeType of applicationstring-
Application_Created_DateDate when application was createddate-
Application_Requirements_Completed_DateFor all application types except RENEW, this is the date all required application documents were received. For RENEW type records, this is the date the record was
Payment_DateDate when payment was madedate-
Is_Conditional_ApprovalThis pertains to applications that contain liquor licenses. Customers may request a conditional approval prior to building out the space.boolean-
License_Term_Start_DateDate when license term was starteddate-
License_Term_Expiration_DateDate when license term was expireddate-
License_Approved_for_Issuance_DateThis is the date the license was ready for issuance. Licenses may not be issued if the customer owes debt to the
Date_IssuedDate when license was issueddate-
License_StatusStatus of the licensestring-
License_Status_Change_DateDate when status of the license was changeddate-
SSA_CodeSpecial Service Areas are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs, to foster commercial and economic development, through a localized property tax. In other cities these areas are sometimes called Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). This portal contains a map of all Chicago SSAsintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude location of the business-
LongitudeLongitude location of the business-
2114415-21144183646122JOYCE A JOHNSON1413 S 11TH STMAYWOODIL601538344Shared Kitchen User2114415Initial license applicationfalse2013-08-152013-04-10License was issued
55551-252292575701EDGAR D LIM38690 BOULEVARD VIEWWADSWORTHIL600831525Massage Therapist55551Initial license application2000-06-20false1997-08-152002-07-19License was issued
48041-222416562491LEROY HAMILTON14325 S MICHIGAN AVE 1STRIVERDALEIL608271011Home Repair48041Initial license application2000-06-20false1997-08-152003-02-13License was issued
70105-293082892851BOZENA PYRZYNSKI24720 WILMOT RD 1STTREVORWI531791525Massage Therapist70105Initial license application2000-06-20false1999-02-152003-02-05License was issued
85565-316221663862KAREN L. MILLER1320 BRANDYWINECROWN POINTIN463071525Massage Therapist85565Initial license application2000-06-16false2002-02-152002-01-22License was issued
49260-227731171532IOAN TODORUT7171 W GUNNISON ST 1STHARWOOD HEIGHTSIL606561011Home Repair49260Initial license application2000-06-20false1998-11-152003-08-20License was issued
48979-1141429171063ALLIANCE CONST & REMODELING9123 N TRIPP AVE 1SKOKIEIL600761011Home Repair48979Subsequent renewal record2001-04-26false2001-02-152002-02-28License was issued
55609-19990216252504575841TINA M. E. SMITH16814 LUELLA 1STSOUTH HOLLANDIL604731011Home Repair55609Subsequent renewal recordfalse1999-02-162000-02-152002-10-07License was issued
67427-1212454598301RAYMOND ENRIQUEZ5044 W 29 PL 1STCICEROIL608041604Peddler, non-food67427Subsequent renewal record2001-12-202002-03-15false2002-02-152003-09-12License was issued
66191-20000216284124595941S & G LIMITED339 ROSEWOOD 1STAURORAIL605051011Home Repair66191Subsequent renewal record2000-06-16false2000-02-162001-02-152002-02-04License was issued
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