Education Actual Operating Cost Per Student

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This dataset shows actual expenditures for operating funds (General, Special Revenue, Enterprise and Food Services Funds) per student, per district, per county and per state from 1997 to 2009.

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The Operating Costs include all general fund expenditures and revenues annually reported by each School Administrative Unit (MEDMS Financial) except major capital outlay, debt service, and transportation expenditures.

The count of Average Resident Pupils is an average of those resident students reported to the MEDMS Student Information System on the October 1st and April 1st Resident Enrollment Reports by School Administrative Unit staff for which a School Administrative Unit is financially responsible.

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Operating Cost Per Student, Operating Cost, Actual Operating Cost, Cost Per Student, General Fund Expenditures

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Actual Expenditures For Operating Funds, Operating Expense Per Student

District_IDIdentity of districtintegerlevel : Nominal
CountyName of countystring-
District_NumberNumber of the districtstring-
School_YearSchool year of operating cost per studentdate-
Student_CountTotal number of studentsintegerlevel : Ratio
State_Student_CountTotal number of students in stateintegerlevel : Nominal
Operating_Cost_Per_StudentOperating cost of studentnumber-
State_Operating_CostOperating cost of statenumber-
State_Operating_Cost_Per_StudentOperating cost per student of the statenumber-
District IDCountyDistrict NumberSchool YearStudent CountState Student CountOperating Cost Per StudentState Operating CostState Operating Cost Per Student
1894BAKERBAKER SCH DIST 05J1999-07-01231754313816342661.7435569418876548.87
1894BAKERBAKER SCH DIST 05J2000-07-01234354424516631694.6637962074196975.18
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2001-07-01219954975716118655.8239668716357215.68
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2002-07-01215155216115112028.8638895520667044.24
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2003-07-01211554916915810377.8239706436587230.28
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2004-07-01205554979316039065.8641985346777636.57
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2005-07-01200955514616891098.045139504298131.11
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2006-07-01200755836618017546.0447689337878540.87
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2007-07-01197956135419117010.1251446365559164.69
1894BAKERBaker SD 5J2008-07-01190155927118905359.0352482334589384.06
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