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  • Austin Network of Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Austin State Energy
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Locations


  • Vehicle Charging Network
  • Austin Electric Vehicle
  • Charging Network
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Charging Station
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Network

This dataset includes Austin Energy that operates a network of electric vehicle charging stations powered by renewable energy through our Green Choice program.

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An electric vehicle network is an infrastructure system of publicly accessible charging stations and possibly battery swap stations to recharge electric vehicles. Government, car manufacturers, and charging infrastructure providers have entered into many agreements to create such networks. As of December 2016, Estonia is the only country to have completed the deployment of an electric car charging network with nationwide coverage.

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Austin, United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of Austin;

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Vehicle Charging Network, Austin Electric Vehicle, Charging Network, Electric Vehicle, Charging Station, Electric Car Charging Stations, EV Charging Stations

Other Titles

Austin Network of Electric Vehicle Charging, Austin State Energy, Electric Vehicle Charging Locations

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Station_Display_NameIdentity of Vehicle Charging Networkstring-
LatitudeElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment Latitude Locationnumber-
LongitudeElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment Longitude Locationnumber-
Port_1_VoltageVehicle Charging Port 1 in Voltagestring-
Organization_NameName of the Organizationstring-
Address_1Address 1 of Charging Networkstring-
Address_2Address 2 of Charging Networkstring-
Floor_LabelLabel of the Floorstring-
CityCity of Charging Networkstring-
Postal_CodeCharging Network Postal Codeintegerlevel : Nominal
Number_of_PortsTotal Number of Ports Used for Chargingintegerlevel : Nominal

Data Preview

Station Display NameLatitudeLongitudePort 1 VoltageOrganization NameAddress 1Address 2CityPostal CodeNumber of Ports
CATHERINE / CATHERINE 130.259096000000003-97.747775240VMulti-family residential300 Barton Springs RdAustin787042
AUSTIN HQ / STATION 130.192646999999997-97.714329240VCommercial with unrestricted access4200 Smith School DrAustin787442
SCHOOL / AKINS130.147634000000004-97.801294240VPublic (Municipal, as in library, street, etc)10701 S 1st St.Austin787482
MONOGRAM / HANDICAP30.270571-97.748993Multi-family residential615 W 7th StAustin787011
FLATIRON DOMAIN / FLATIRON DOM 230.392852-97.723729240VMulti-family residential10727 domain drAustin787582
FOUNDATION COMM / STATION 0130.399209999999997-97.84689499999999240VMulti-family residential11015 four points drAustin787262
FROST / 130.268028-97.742388240VCommercial with restricted access106 E 6th StAustin787012
PIE AE / ZILKER PARK PH130.264456-97.77138199999999240VPublic (Municipal, as in library, street, etc)2201 William Barton DrAustin787462
COA / LOT J NW30.207439-97.661026240VPublic (Municipal, as in library, street, etc)10137 Hotel DrAustin787192
ENDEAVOR REG / LEVEL 2 - #230.317689-97.755015240VCommercial with restricted access4301 Bull Creek RdAustin787312