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  • Electricity Control Area Operator Code And Name Data 2011
  • Electric Utility Control Area Operator Code And Name Data 2011


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Electricity Control Area Operator Data 2011

The Energy Information Administration data files include information such as peak load, generation, electric purchases, sales, revenues, customer counts and demand-side management programs, green pricing and net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity.

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The dataset compiled by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) using data from ABB group, the Velocity Suite and the U.S. Energy Information Administration dataset 861, provides average residential, commercial and industrial electricity rates by zip code for both investor owned utilities (IOU) and non-investor owned utilities. The file includes average rates for each utility, but not the detailed rate structure data found in the Open EI U.S. Utility Rate Database. A more recent version of this data is also available through the NREL Utility Rate API with more search options. This data was released by NREL/Ventyx in February 2011.

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Electricity Rates, Utility Companies, Utility Rates, Zipcode by Electric Investor, Electricity Investors

Other Titles

Electricity Control Area Operator Code And Name Data 2011, Electric Utility Control Area Operator Code And Name Data 2011

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
YearData Yeardatelevel : Nominal
Utility_IdUtility ID Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Control_Area_Operator_CodeID Code of Control Area Operatorintegerlevel : Nominal
Control_Area_Operator_NameEntity Name of Control Area Operator. The entity (usually electric utility) responsible for the application of a common, automatic generation and transmission control scheme within a specific electrically bordered area. Control Area Operators balance demand with available capacity, maintain system frequency and voltage within strict parameters and control power flows into, and out of, the region. A utility may have major electrical generation, transmission and distribution equipment in more than one control area.string-

Data Preview

YearUtility IdControl Area Operator CodeControl Area Operator Name
2011345416Duke Energy Carolinas
20115518642Tennessee Valley Authority
2011593265Cleco Corporation, Inc.
20118414725PJM Interconnection
20118756669Midwest Independent System Operator
20119756669Midwest Independent System Operator
201110856669Midwest Independent System Operator
201111814725PJM Interconnection
201112213501New York Independent System Operator
201112318195Southern Company