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  • Gene Expression Based on Immunohistochemistry of Cancer Tissue
  • Expression Profiles for Proteins Using Cancer Tissues


  • Protein Staining Profiles
  • Human Tumor Tissue
  • Human Cancer Specimens
  • Potential Cancer Biomarkers
  • Tissue Microarray Data
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Expression profiles of cancer tissues

Expression Profiles For Proteins in Human Cancer Tissues

This dataset covers the staining profiles for proteins in human tumor tissue based on immunohistochemistry using tissue microarrays. The data is based on The Human Protein Atlas version 16 and Ensembl version 83.38.

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The cancer tissue dataset contains a multitude of human cancer specimens representing the 20 most common forms of cancer, including breast-, colon-, prostate-, lung-, urothelial-, skin-, endometrial- and cervical cancer. Altogether 216 different cancer samples are used to generate protein expression profiles for all proteins using immunohistochemistry. The data is presented as pathology-based annotation of protein expression levels in tumor cells, along with the images underlying the annotation. This enables the identification of a potential protein signature for each given type of cancer and provides a starting point for further analyses of cancer type-specific proteins. Because the cancer atlas contains a large number of cancer samples the available protein profiles provide an excellent starting point for identifying new potential cancer biomarkers.

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United States


John Snow Labs; The Human Protein Atlas, Ensembl;

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Publicly available and free for research application but citation is required. Permission asked for commercial uses

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Human Protein Atlas available from www.proteinatlas.org


Protein Staining Profiles, Human Tumor Tissue, Human Cancer Specimens, Potential Cancer Biomarkers, Tissue Microarray Data, Immunohistochemistry, Expression profiles of cancer tissues

Other Titles

Gene Expression Based on Immunohistochemistry of Cancer Tissue, Expression Profiles for Proteins Using Cancer Tissues

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Ensembl_Gene_IDGene ID by Ensemblstringrequired : 1
Gene_IDName assigned to gene.stringrequired : 1
Tumor_NameName of Tumor tissuestringrequired : 1
Level_of_StainingStaining valuestringrequired : 1
Patient_Staining_CountNumber of patients that stain for this staining valueintegerlevel : Ratio
Total_PatientsTotal amount of patients for this tumor typeintegerlevel : Ratiorequired : 1

Data Preview

Ensembl Gene IDGene IDTumor NameLevel of StainingPatient Staining CountTotal Patients
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6breast cancerHigh1.012
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6breast cancerMedium7.012
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6breast cancerLow2.012
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6breast cancerNot detected2.012
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6carcinoidNot detected2.04
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6cervical cancerHigh11.012
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6cervical cancerMedium1.012